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I'm already engaged, Ring being custom-made - Zari Hassan opens up

KingBae has invested in this relationship

Zari Hassan

Business woman cum socialite Zari Hassan has for the first time revealed that she is already engaged to her new man "KingBae" and her ring is being custom-made.

In an Interview with Millard Ayo, Zari disclosed that she wanted something different and that’s why she opted for a customized ring that soothes her desire.

Adding that very soon she would also be getting her own Bentley that will be an engagement present.


My Own Bentley

 “Na very soon nitakuwa napata my own Bentley it gonna be my present ...thts gonna be more of my engagement present. Nishafanya my engagement.. My ring is being custom made so ones it's ready, coz I wanted something different so we ready got to that so we are waiting for it to come out,” said Zari.

The mother of five also made it clear that all the expensive cars (Bentenly, Porsche,Ferrari) she has been cruising in belongs to KingBae who is a very influential person in South Africa.

You are my woman


“Mr is not into the public life. Hizo gari zote naendesha ni zake sio zangu but the fact that I'm his woman so Lazima nizitumie Lakini yeye sio mtu WA social media na sio mtu WA show off Kama Mimi.. So ananiambia Baby this cars look good on you when I stand on this cars I don't look nice on them but you.. So it's okay you are my woman. So sio zangu Lazima, nitakuwa muongo. My husband is into construction business and politics so I do help him here and there interior design decor. Mimi Nina gari tatu South Africa na mbili Uganda” said Zari Hassan.

In April, Ms Hassan hinted that she will soon walk down the aisle with her new lover in a secret affair.

“Oh my wedding is gonna be so Private…I´ll only release details once it´s been done. Only Family and Friends,” said Zari Hassan in the video.

The mother of five has been making headlines since going public with her new lover whom she introduced as “Kingbae” or Mr M.


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