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Is Diana Marua pregnant with Baby Number 2? (Photos)

Is Baby number two on the way?

Diana Marua and Bahati in Dubai for a Holiday

A photo taken by Diana Marua while holidaying in Dubai with her Hubby Bahati has fueled pregnancy reports, as she appears fully pumped.

The photo showed a seemingly pregnant Ms Marua, as her bulging tummy is evident once you take a glance at her photos. This elicited mixed reactions among her 531K followers with many sending in their congratulatory messages.

In most of the Photos uploaded on Ms Marua’s Instagram from her Dubai trip, she avoided looking direct into the Camera, as they were all taken from the side hence raising eyebrows among her fans.


Curious fans opted to congratulate the two love birds upon concluding that they are expecting a second born into their family.

Reactions from Fans

komondicynthy “unaficha na ifichiki simama tu straight dear hatuta kauliza Mara ooooh Mara ooooh”

miriam.mwangi.948 “Aki naona vizuri kweli enyewe mo blessings”

nyar_kuria “Woow you looking good mum, can't wait to see the gift of joy,number 2”


shikks_collection “Second born pap. Congrats”

wanjiru7783 “Congratulations”

sherrykigo “Macho yangu iko na shida or am seeing the right thing? Anyway you're hot”

empress_k.a.b.a.g.i “Kwani uko ball”


carol_nyakinyua “Second born”

tabbyleposo “Hio ni ball ingine naona”

virginiagathoni624 “I can see second born”

kellen_reborn “Iyo tumbo jooh, brother heaven anakam ama”

elsienicah “How many months are we!?”


_shiru_martini_”Are you pregnant”

miriam.mwangi.948 “Waiting second born hapo ni lini”

lyndera8 “Are you pregnant”

pauleenmwalo “Is that a baby bump I see from the refleftion on the window??”


kio_tots “Is that a baby bump”

Despite all the congratulatory messages Diana Marua is yet to confirm the news.


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