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Zari comes to Akothee’s defense after trolls over make-up gone wrong (Photos)

Madam boss on the receiving end

What Akothee said after being crowned “Queen of East Africa Music (Photos)

What are friends for? Friends are people who defend you when everyone else is against you no matter the situation, and Zari the Boss lady is doing exactly that.

On Monday, Akothee shared Photos celebrating her win at AFRIMMA 2019, but a section of her fans decided to overlook the victory and focus on her make-up that was not perfectly done with trolls.

A number of fans expressed concerns over Akothee’s Make-up, saying the person who did her face-beat was not qualified for the job.



t_wegesa “Whoever did you make up, must be a hater”

lawrinloloThe dress on point makeup was overdone. Congratulations on your win madam boss”

razoventero “Your makeup artist is awful you look beautiful without it queen”

xheri_ebab “Madame Boss hio make-up zii plz if you know yua madam president make-up artist u better suck yua seloful before we do”


We live for achievements not make up

Seeing comments from critics, Zari Hassan decided to defend her friend, stating that there was no category for Best make-up artist at AFRIMMA and people live for achievements not make up.

“Sorry people, there was no position for Best make-up artist. It was BEST FEMALE ARTIST AND THE PRESIDENT OF SINGLE MOTHERS @akotheekenya TOOK BEST FEMALE EAST AFRICA Afrimma 2019. We live for achievements not make up,” said Zari.

The Abebo hit-maker also clapped back, with an explanation that she did her make-up last minute before going on stage to perform.


I did my own make up

“I did my own make up now come beat me ,but I am holding position east Africa queen 2019, if I waited for the professional make-up artists I would have missed my 6minutes performance which one is more important, Because you all know how beautiful I am with or without make up My friend if you are pretty ,you are pretty, I had to do what I had to do. You all talking about make-up, no one is seeing my red Expensive red dress from #guess, stop diverting from the topic and congratulate me for 2019 Job well done ,witchcraft started like this even a donkey works hard and has never slept inside the homes he helped the owners built. Forget about buying a sandle ,a donkey is still loyal to his master" reads Akothee’s post.

A word of Advise

However, being a public figure or rather an artist, it is very important to invest in your personal image. This means your outfits, hair, make up and generally your behaviour in public.


Akothee has had the ability to dress up in a better way than she did before. Her make up would have been A1 and flawless but she went for the unblended, not contoured look, lace wig not well set and a dress that looks like she didn’t sweat to find. When one is nominated for such an award, I would advise that you dress up in a neck-breaking attire (if you can't afford it, rent it), have make up trials even before your actual day of make up so that on that day you look your best.

Photos taken on such a day are always widely distributed and you'd want to look good even to people who don’t know you.


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