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This is why some people smell so bad even after showering

There's no cure

Body odor

We have all had that one not-so-nice experience with someone with body odor. Stinking feet, smelly mouth, or sweaty and smelly armpits. Ooh and smelly private parts which is probably the most embarrassing. Like, imagine getting things so hot only to be forced to change your mind because the other person smells so bad that you can’t even go down on them. Sucks, right?

Of all these people, we all know that some of them are just too lazy to observe personal hygiene. Others do not even know they smell by the way. And others know they smell, they have tried showering twice a day and doing everything that you could ever think of to avoid smelling. BUT it never stops. They just keep smelling. And the other thing that sucks most is that we cannot even muster the courage to tell them that they smell.

Causes of body odor even after bathing


So, what is wrong with these people? Why do they smell so bad even after taking a shower, wearing some nice smelling perfume and putting on clean clothes? Trimethylaminuria could be the reason.

Also known as fish odor syndrome, trimethylaminuria is a rare metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to break down the chemical trimethylamine. This chemical has a pungent smell that is similar to that of rotting fish, urine, rotting garbage or urine. The compound, trimethylamine is eliminated by the body and when it’s not broken down into a non-odorous compound, it makes one smell like fish.

When the compound accumulates in the body, it is excreted through urine but can also be present in the sweat and breath of these patients which leaves one smelling.

Foods that increase body odor


Trimethylamine is usually found in choline foods such as; liver, eggs, salmon, wheat germ, milk, broccoli, and fresh cod.

So, before you go judging people who smell, you need to know that it’s not always about hygiene. Some can’t help it. Conditions like trimethylaminuria are genetic and there is no cure for it. All the same, avoiding foods rich in choline has been found to prevent this condition that makes people smell.

Preventing body odor


However, choline is a nutrient that the body requires and a deficiency may thus lead to liver damage. Pregnant women also require more choline, in which case, avoiding it may have adverse effects.

Bathing frequently with an acidic soap, and, laundering clothes frequently may also help.

Since the sweat has the odorous compounds, the bad smell intensifies when a person engages in activities that make them sweat.  


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