Did you know that worrying too much about your job or stressing about your relationship can ruin your beauty? If you have been thinking that stress is only bad for your heart, that’s not it. Stress affects so many things about your health, your skin included. Ooh and your hair too.

External beauty has much to do with your physical appearance and when you are stressed, your beauty suffers. So how on earth does stress affect your beauty? Check out how it happens below:

1. Your skin breaks out


When you are stressed, it’s unlikely that you will be taking care of your skin as you should. You forget to clean your face before bed, to exfoliate or even to change your pillowcases. Results? Your pores get clogged by dirt and the bacteria from the dirt breaks your face.

2. You forget to hydrate

You have so much going on in your life and you almost have no time to drink a glass of water let alone 8 glasses. In return, your skin is left dry and flaky. See? Stress less and hydrate more if you love yourself.

3. You eat the wrong foods

Woman eating doughnut(shutterstock)

People react differently to stress. There are those who will skip meals and there are those who binge eat on all the wrong foods. Which category are you? Whichever you are, none is better. Unhealthy foods can cause acne and skipping meals means you are not having enough nutrients and this too affects your skin.

4. You gain weight

The careless eating during stressful periods will generously reward you with extra pounds that you may not like. Plus, who even remembers to hit the gym when they are stressed?

5. You sleep less

Puffy eyes appears like you look sleepy/tired which shows off an overall dull appearance and usually ruin any desired makeup looks.

And when you do not have adequate sleep, you get puffy eyes. That’s not all. The cells on your skin regenerate best when you are asleep and it’s thus best to sleep for not less than seven hours a day.

6. You look older

Sorry to announce but too much stress will make you look older than you actually are. There is a reason you are always advised to smile even amid difficult times. When you frown every day, fine lines start developing on your skin and later mature to wrinkles.

7. It affects your hair and scalp

Hair loss(self)

When your skin is dry because you have not been drinking enough water, the scalp also dries up and so does the hair. Dry hair is prone to breakage and it’s common to lose hair during stressful times.

Bottom line? It’s never that serious regardless of what you are going through. Stress less, be happy and most importantly, stay hydrated.