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5 signs you are pregnant with twins

Is it twins?

Whereas the surest way to determine if you are pregnant with twins is ordering an ultrasound, you can always check out for these signs and symptoms which are common among women expecting twins.

Heightened fatigue

Even though fatigue is common among pregnant women, those pregnant with twins tend to experience extreme tiredness. Carrying two babies is definitely not an easy thing and the body needs more energy hence increased exhaustion.


Weight gain

The amount of weight gained during pregnancy varies from person to person depending on various factors such as body type and diet. Even so, women who are expectant with twins tend to add more weight as compared to those expecting one baby.

Larger bumps

Since one is expecting two babies, it is obvious to have a larger bump. Also, the bump tends to show up earlier than when expecting a singleton. However, having a huge baby bump does not necessarily mean you are carrying twins and the best confirmation can only be through an ultrasound.


Extreme morning sickness

Most women suffer from morning sickness when pregnant. For those expecting twins however, the sickness can be very extreme. The nausea, sleepiness, vomiting and the cravings also tend to be intense.

Earlier fetal movement

This is also a sign that you could be expectant with twins. If you have had another pregnancy and note that you can feel the fetal movement earlier than in your previous pregnancy, it could be because you are carrying twins.


These signs and symptoms, however, are just supposed to give you a clue on whether you are carrying twins so that you get ready for it. If you experience them and need to be certain, visit a doctor for an ultrasound.


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