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6 ways to enjoy your favourite drink and avoid regrets

It is time to come together and toast to the coming new year

Toasting. Visit for more information on responsible drinking

It’s that time of the year once again, where we all get to sit back and enjoy each other’s company, having lived through another great year.

We are in the season where we get to appreciate the ones we love, our family and friends, business partners and other key people in our lives.

It’s time to come together and toast to the coming new year and the promise it holds.

We will no doubt be raising our glasses and drinking to the good times and great friends, sherehe is part of the culture.


And while you pick out your drink for the season, there are few tips that will help you enjoy the drink even more and have zero regrets in the morning.

1. Eat

You will enjoy your drink better if you have it on a full stomach.

This is proven to slow down the rate of alcohol absorption by the body.

2. Carry for all, Pour for 1


If you’ve been invited to a party, be a good guest and carry a drink to share. Pour yourself a glass of something good and pass it to the next person.

Make sure you adhere to the standard measurements for alcohol.

3. Hydrate

Water is your friend all day any day. Even on days when you are not drinking. Don’t assume that your favourite drink is just like drinking water. Stay on your hydration goal and pace your drinks with a few sips of water.

4. Dance! Dance! Dance!


If you dance in public, bust a move, if you prefer to dance on your seat then bob that head to every bit. A good drink pairs well with good music and good music moves you.

5. Make it Memorable

Remember a time when you had to be in the house before 9:00 pm? That’s a distant memory now.

Make plans to share your favourite drink with your favourite buddies at your favourite place. A good drink can be used to celebrate such treasured moments.

6. Enjoyment!


It is your favourite drink because every time you’ve had it the night was epic, you shared great laughs with great friends and made memories that will last a lifetime. So as you plan to enjoy your favourite drink better this festive season, check on your friends and loved ones after a great night out.

Remember that excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health and alcohol is not for sale for persons under the age of 18.

Head on to for all the right information on how alcohol affects both your body and your mind.



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