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15 types of kisses and what they mean

Kisses add depth and meaning to our interactions.

Kisses and their meanings []

Kisses, the universal language of love, affection, and friendship, come in various forms, each carrying its own message.

Whether it's a soft peck on the cheek from a friend or a passionate embrace between lovers, a kiss can convey more than words ever could. That said, here are 15 types and their meanings:

The peck is a quick, light kiss on the lips or cheek. It's a universal sign of affection, shared between friends, and family, or a gesture of greeting. It says, "I'm glad to see you" or "I care about you," without diving into romantic territory.


The French kiss, a passionate, deep kiss where tongues do the tango. It's all about desire and intimacy, often shared between lovers, symbolising a strong connection and romantic interest.

This intimate kiss involves gently sucking and nibbling on your partner's lip, usually the lower one. It's a tender gesture that says, "I cherish you," perfect for those cosy, affectionate moments.


Cute and playful, the Eskimo kiss involves rubbing noses together. It's a sign of affection, common among close friends and family, suggesting a warm, platonic connection.

When two people get close enough for their eyelashes to touch, fluttering them against each other's skin, that's a butterfly kiss. It's a whimsical, delicate way to express affection, often between parents and children or in romantic settings.

Inspired by the iconic movie scene, this kiss involves one person kissing another who's upside down. It's a fun, adventurous kiss that says, "I'm willing to go the extra mile for you."


Gently nibbling or sucking on the earlobe, this kiss is all about sensuality and can send shivers down your spine. It whispers, "You're irresistible," perfect for stirring up a romantic atmosphere.

A cheek kiss is a friendly, platonic gesture, common in many cultures as a greeting. It's a way of saying, "I'm pleased to meet you" or "You're special to me," without crossing into romantic territory.


The hand kiss, where one person kisses the back of another's hand, is a gesture of respect and admiration. It's seen in more formal settings or as a charming, old-fashioned way to show affection.

A kiss on the forehead is a deeply affectionate, protective gesture. It says, "I care about you deeply" and is often shared between parents and children or in romantic relationships.

A nose kiss, or a gentle peck on the nose, is a playful, affectionate gesture. It's a cute way to say, "I adore you," often shared in light-hearted, loving moments.


Kissing someone on the neck is highly sensual and can be a major turn-on. It signifies desire and longing, perfect for moments of intimacy.

This fun kiss involves one person wearing lip gloss and leaving a print on their partner's lips. It's a playful way to say, "You're mine," often accompanied by laughter and smiles.


A gentle, comforting kiss on the eyelids or anywhere near the eyes, the angel kiss is a way of saying, "I'm here for you," offering comfort and affection.

Typically used as a greeting in social settings, the air kiss involves kissing the air near someone's cheek. It's a chic, formal way to say hello or goodbye without physical contact.

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