5 behaviours that your man will really appreciate according to a relationship coach

What behaviour does your man love?

Happy young couple [Credit: Elite Daily]

Wouldn’t you love to know what your man loves so that you can do it more often even if it’s for the sake of seeing him smile? Mhm, we bet you would love that.

In his recent video, relationships and dating coach Mathew Boggs revealed some of the behaviours that men really love. No harm trying them out on your man. So feel free to experiment and see if it works.

Check out the behaviours as listed by Boggs:

1. Unexpected kiss

You are wrong if you thought women are the only people who love those random sexy acts. Apparently, guys love them too according to Mathew Boggs. And since actions speak louder than words, Boggs advises that you don’t even have to utter a word. All you have to do is grab your man’s face and give him a passionate sexy kiss when he gets home after work.

2. Make an effort to look good

Yeah, men love it when you dress and look attractive when you are going out with them. Make sure he is wowed by your looks and that he feels proud of walking beside you. Men love it when you make the effort to look good knowing so well that he is your man and that alone is enough to make him feel excited.

3. Ask him about new things he would like to try in the bedroom

“The reason women don’t ask this question is that they are afraid that he is going to say something that she doesn’t want to do.” Says Matt.

But he goes on to advise that you can always suggest you explore other things because he definitely wants to try more than one thing. Then you can give him hope of trying that which you are afraid of in the future.

4. Compliment his strength

According to Boggs, men are wired to believe that strength and physical attributes matter. Even if it’s something as simple as asking him to help you open the jar, he will love it when you not only thank him but compliment his strength after he’s done.

5. Work as a team

Men love being in teams and he wants you to be part of his team as well. Even the way you speak should show him that you are working together.

“Don’t be a coach where you are directing him telling him what he needs to do. Instead, be a team player where you are celebrating, complimenting, and encouraging each other for the good job you are doing.” Matt notes.


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