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5 sure signs that you are in a rebound relationship

Don't invest your feelings just yet if you tick off the following in your relationship

But while the need to belong or fill the gap left by the break up is urgent, most people don’t realize that they are in a rebound relationship and end up hurting themselves twice as much and pulling in a third person into their misery.

Trust, it sucks, even more, when you’re the rebound.

The following are signs that you have found yourself in that kind of predicament and it’s time to get out of that relationship.


1.  The relationship feels rushed

Love takes time and according to Shermaine, As exciting as it may be to have someone love you, want you, and need you so much if it's not based on honesty, it won't last. “A rebounding partner needs the relationship to work and they can easily lie and pretend to make this happen.”

This could be inspired by vengeance, anger so they may feel the need to push things much faster than normal.

2.    Always of phone

Is your partner always on their phone stalking their ex? This is a clear indication that they are not done getting over their ex and that there are some unresolved issues that they need to deal with first before they can truly commit.  Psychologist Shermaine Wairimu says, “Keeping an ex’s number is proof that you are still hung up on them. If your partner is doing it then it’s time to have a heart to heart conversation and be ready to call it quits and move on. The need to see what an ex is up to should not be a priority if one is truly ready to move on in a new relationship. That person needs to solve their issues first otherwise you will always take second place on the hierarchy of importance.”


3.   The ex is always around

One of the biggest relationship breakers is this particular annoying sentence, “He/ she is just a friend.” Keeping in close contact with someone that you were emotionally involved with only adds to your new partner’s insecurities. However, this could also mean that their relationship is truly over but this can only happen if there was a duration of time in between the breakup and the renewed friendship. Anything short of it is risking losing your new love.

4.   The ex is the always the main topic of discussion

First of all, why are you even discussing your ex with your new person? Not only does it spell that a spring of jealousy is about to break ground, it’s a perfect reminder that someone else was with you before them.

According to Ms. Wairimu, "This may happen if you are always talking about how you were wronged by your ex or about your escapades with them with zero analysis of the role you played in breaking up."


5.     You hang out at drinking spots.

Fam, if your relationship revolves around hanging out only in clubs then chances are, you’re a rebound. Shermaine says, “One of the most telling rebound relationship signs is overuse of mind winding substances.  A rebounder may turn to drug abuse to keep the misery covered.“

Still, Charity believes that not all rebound relationships are doomed to fail. On the contrary, a lot of people have found the love of their lives during a rebound relationship.


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