Telltale signs that a man will be great in bed

What other signs do you know?

Couple having a good time in bed.

We may not want to admit it but sex is an important thing in every relationship. Before you even go for a second date with him, you can’t help wondering if he is going to be great in bed. We get it, nobody wants bad sex.

To know if the guy you are seeing is going to be great in bed, below are some leading signals to watch out for:

1. He is a good dancer

Great oral and vaginal sex involve rhythm. We are not saying that guys with two left feet are pathetic in bed, but guys who are good dancers are more likely to use their rhythm to ensure you have an amazing sexual encounter.

2. He listens

If he cannot listen to you when you are talking or debating on something, it’s unlikely that he will listen to you in the bedroom. A good listener will pay attention to what you say during sex because he knows it’s pretty important. If you say ‘don’t stop’, he knows you mean exactly that.

3. He is caring

Is he the type of guy who always checks on you to know if you had lunch and if you had a good night? That shows he is caring and he might do the same in the bedroom. It won’t just be about his pleasure but he will want to make sure that you enjoy it as well.

4. He doesn’t rush

The way a man behaves, in general, can show what he is like in the bedroom. If he takes his time, it’s a good sign. You don’t want a man who has no time for foreplay.

5. He is physically fit

Well, sex is a physical activity that needs some amount of endurance. If he is not fit, the sex might end up being sloppy. All the same, that’s not to say that all fit men are good in bed. It’s possible to find someone who hits the gym every day but still lacks sexual prowess.


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