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An expert explains the 4 things men love in women

Finally, we know what they want

What men find attractive in women (businessinsider)

What do men really want in a relationship? This is a question that we all find ourselves asking. Once you get that man, of course, you will want to make it work. You will want him to love you but you will also want to know what he loves so that you offer it.

While men are different and love different things, there are some common things that most of them find attractive. So, before you even know him well, you can be sure that there are certain things that he is likely to find very attractive in a woman. And it’s up to you to take the advantage and make use of them wisely.

According to the renowned relationship expert Matthew Hussey, men really love the listed below things in women.

1. Playfulness


“Playfulness is one of the most attractive traits because life is hard enough without being with someone who is serious all the time. Someone who can be a bit light and fun is somebody that makes the world a little more pleasant to be in” notes Hussey.

According to Hussey, men will always look for this trait in a woman. Men want a woman who can do silly or even cute things that make them smile. That doesn’t sound as difficult, does it? So don’t shy away from doing those silly dances around your man. Even if you have ‘two left feet’ hehee, you will make him happy when you dance.

2. Sexiness


This is just about showing your sexual side to your man. How do I do this? You are asking. Well, according to Hussey, you can simply move in a sexy way or by giving your guy a sexy look. At that moment, the guy will feel some sexual tension and feel your sexual side.

3. Nurturing

This, according to Hussey, is the person who makes you feel both loved and looked after. Instead of scolding you, they will act in a caring manner and probably offer a suggestion or solution to whatever problem you are going through.


Seems like we have been overthinking too much on how to please these men. Lol.

4. Independence

While some men feel threatened by an independent woman, no man wants a dependent woman altogether. Men want a woman with her own hobbies and passion to pursue. Woman with her own life rather than the one who changes her entire life to suit that of her partner. Hussey notes that “Independence is what keeps a man attracted to a woman and it’s what keeps his desire level high. You can be a strong teammate for your man when you are independent. But when you are not independent, and all your worth is tied to him or linked to his state of mind, then you can’t lead when he needs someone to be strong, when he needs a rock.”

Sounds quite easy but remember that things are easier said than done. You will have to put on some effort to be what men want in women.



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