Bomet County

The area receives rainfall for a good part of the year which allows agriculture to flourish.

Bomet County is led by Governor Isaac Ruto, Senator Wilfred Lesanand women representative Cecilia Chelangat Ngetich. The County has five (5) Constituencies and 25 wards as shown below.

Economy of Bomet County

Agriculture is the main economic activity practiced in Bomet County with tea farming and dairy production being at the top of this sector. Food crops are grown in the area with maize being the area’s staple food. Tea earns the residents of the county most of their revenue. Dairy industry is also a major player in contributing to household incomes.

The high altitude at which the county is located has predisposed it to favourable climatic conditions that have allowed the area to remain green for most parts of the year. The area also receives rainfall for a good part of the year which allows agriculture to flourish.

Trade is conducted in the urban centres of the region with a number of financial institutions offering banking and credit services to the people of the county. Micro-finance initiatives along with government loans towards the youth and women would see an increase in trade which would mean an increase in the household incomes of the people of the county.

The county is among the most densely populated counties in the region and thus has a large labour force concentrated around its agricultural centres. The potential for this labour force is quite high since any efforts to direct its energy towards increased agricultural production would see the county contribute a substantial portion toward the country’s food requirements and consequently provide incomes for its people.


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