How Kenyans are making millions through online jobs

The new hustle among Kenya's youth


Thousands of Kenyans, majority of them in the youth bracket, are earning millions of shillings by providing services to clients they have met through the internet.

One of the popular ways is through freelance agency jobs where one offers to come up with all manner of content for various clients.

Kenyans with various skills such as transcribing, designing, video editing, writing, and others rely on websites such as Upwork to virtually meet up clients and get paid for that much-needed dollar.

The pay varies on the freelancer’s skills sets with some of the high-paying jobs fetching as much as Sh6000 ($60) per hour.

Academic writing is another popular platform that has attracted an approximated 30,000 Kenyans.

Academic mainly involves tutoring, helping write and editing assignments for students.

For that, you will get paid between Sh200 ($2) and Sh3000 ($30) for every 275 words which will take you between 15 minutes and one hour depending on your speed.

While some people may question the morals of this job, it is helping thousands of Kenyans put money on the table and bringing millions of dollars in foreign exchange.

I know the question that must be bothering you is, “What do I need to get started?”. Well, all you need is a computer with good internet.

Once you have that, login to one of the many websites that offer online jobs such as Upwork, Uvocorp, essaywriters, TranscribeMe, and many others – create an account and starting earning money.

You will be pleased to know that with Airtel 4G, you are guaranteed of affordable data bundles and a strong, reliable network.

“I am a heavy browser so I always use the 40GB data bundle by Airtel for my online transcribing work. It costs me a mere Sh3000 for the entire month. It is very affordable compared to the money I earn. It also comes with free whatsapp which I use to communicate with my clients from all over the world instead of making international calls that are a bit expensive,” Eliab Muthui, a transcriber told this writer.

The Airtel 4G network is also selling the 1.5GB bundle for Sh300, 4GB is going for Sh500, 10GB will set you back Sh1000, while 15GB goes for Sh1500.


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