Martha Karua and Paul Muite debate new title for nominated Chief Justice Koome

What to call Chief Justice nominee Matha Koome

Senior Counsel Martha Karua and Senior Counsel Paul Muite

Senior Counsel Martha Karua and Senior Counsel Paul Muite on Wednesday engaged in a short debate on what Chief Justice nominee Martha Koome's new title would be.

One Magunga sought to find out what the nominee's new title will be, posting the same question on his Twitter handle.

"Do we say Lady Chief Justice Martha Koome or we just say Chief Justice Martha Koome? Mapema mapema ndio tusikosane," he posed.

SC Muite responded: "The Honourable Lady Justice Martha Koome, Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court."

To which SC Karua objected with: "Would go with Honorable Justice... after all we do not say honorable Lord Justice."

Explaining himself, Muite elaborated that the title Ms Karua had suggested would be applicable within a court room.

"Official title; different when addressing her in court," SC Muite stated.

The question elicited further debates as commentators also sought to clarify on the title.

A user only identified as Imani commented on Muite's argument: "SC you are wrong. It was Chief Justice @WMutunga and Chief Justice @dkmaraga. It will be Chief Justice Martha Koome. When arguing before her in Court she can be addressed My Lady as opposed to My Lord. But otherwise she is CJ Martha Koome."

Another user, Kelvan Mundia, asked: "Why the word Lady, we don't don't have Gentleman Justice Maraga."


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