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Uhuru walks into radio station at night unannounced in military jacket [Video]

The radio station's employees were caught unawares.

A collage of President Uhuru Kenyatta's night tour in Nairobi

President Uhuru Kenyatta took a trip to various parts of Nairobi on Tuesday night, July 6 and visited places such as Kangemi and Mukuru kwa Ruben slum.

While at Mukuru kwa Njenga moments before midnight, President Kenyatta who was dressed in a military jungle green jacket walked into Ruben FM catching the radio presenters and staff unawares.

According to footage obtained by Pulse Live, the presenter remained on air and introduced his surprise guest after which they shared a few moments together.


You'll come (to State House) and will do a proper interview,” Uhuru told the presenter, adding that it would be easy for the Head of State to get in touch with him even though they didn’t exchange contacts.

That was President Uhuru Kenyatta dear listeners and we have been live talking one on one,” the Ruben FM radio host said on air.

Nairobi Metropolitan Services has been conducting an exercise to transform the slum from an informal settlement to a place where residents can enjoy a dignified life.

Before NMS’s intervention and transformation, entering Mukuru kwa Reuben was a tall order especially at night even for locals, but now security in the area has been enhanced.


This in not the first time Uhuru has gone to the slum unannounced. Earlier this year, NMS Director General Mohammed Badi and Uhuru drove in unrecognisable vehicles to the slum where he showed the president the deplorable living situation.

“When we arrived at the clinic, a pregnant woman also arrived. Nurses immediately turned her away, saying she had a complication and should instead go to Kenyatta National Hospital. Can you imagine that, and she was in labour pains?” Badi said.

At that moment, the president revealed himself and said that kind of treatment could not continue. Do you know the car that escorted her to Kenyatta National Hospital came from the president?” Badi said in a past interview.

Back to the night trip


During the trip, President Kenyatta completed the opening of 5 hospitals in Nairobi and Pulse also obtained pictures of the head of state at Kangemi.

Uhuru made the decision to open them at night to ensure that they are operational at all times.

The night exercise also prevented the crowding to the areas which he would be visiting as part of observing Covid-19 protocols.


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