Former Rugby player arrested on attempted murder charge

The athlete was convicted of a crime in 2019

Former Rugby Player Alex Olaba during a past match

Former Kenya Rugby Sevens Series player Alex Olaba was on Thursday night arrested by police in Nairobi West.

The former athlete is accused of attempting to assassinate a key witness in an ongoing gang rape trial involving Olaba and his former teammate Frank Wanyama.

Mr Olaba had allegedly contacted a would-be assassin for the job who is believed to have informed the police on Olaba's intended plan.

The authorities are said to have set a trap for Olaba and apprehended him when he appeared for a meeting with the hitman.

Olaba was arraigned in court on Friday, where a Nairobi Court ruled to have the former athlete remanded.

Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi gave the athlete seven days in lock-up to allow for further investigations into the charges against Olaba.


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