Soccer live scores today: Real Madrid’s prospects

Real Madrid’s prospects

Zidane Zinedine

Football fans from around the world are following the development of events in the Spanish League with great interest. Simultaneously, it is possible to track the latest news using the convenient soccer live scores today section. All important results are provided here in full.

Of particular interest to fans is the fate of Real Madrid. Last season, the club took the third place, which for a team of this level can be considered a negative result. Every year, Real Madrid aims to win and spares no money to achieve its goals.

At the same time, the club had more problems finding a head coach. The appointment of Lopetegui and Solari did not bring the management the expected results. For this reason, they returned to Zidane.

When accepting the offer, at the very beginning the French specialist compiled a list of mandatory requirements. It included several hundred million euros for transfers, as well as a list of players that the coach needs in his roster.

Zidane requested Hazard, Mendi and Pogba - the first two players have already had great results in soccer livescores today. The contract with Pogba failed, which greatly upset the coach.

Key facts about Real

Now Zidane is facing a rather difficult task - to rebuild the club’s lineup anew. In order to do this, he may trust the old stars who are already fed up with titles and victories, or give preference to the newcomers. At the moment, the situation of Real Madrid is described by the following facts:

1.     Hazard has become a key player of the roster. The transfer of a football player cost Real a fair amount of money - 100 million euros. It was around him that Zidane built the team’s main tactics with the consideration of Hazard’s sharp attacks. For this reason, the football player is expected to be as successful as in Chelsea. Another important transfer was the acquisition of Jovic.

2.     The club has lost several important members, among which it is worth highlighting Kovacic, Llorente, Hernandez, Thomas, Odegaard and Vallejo.

3.     Pre-season results of Real Madrid were pretty bad. Perhaps the problem is the fact that the updated lineup hasn’t enough time to establish mutual understanding. It seems that the club’s crisis is still not over.

It is also worth remembering Bale, who is capable of fairly good results on the field. After returning, Zidane wanted to get rid of the player. However, the athlete flatly refused to leave the roster and still ended up in the next league. It is not yet clear what place Bale will receive in Zidane's updated lineup and whether he will have a chance on the field.


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