Why Harry Kane Can be The Record Holder of the England National Football Team

 He is one of the main figures at Tottenham


Harry ‘ Hurricane ‘ Kane is one of the best football players on the planet right now and one of the main figures at Tottenham, as well as the English National team. Born on the 28th of July 1993 in Walthamstow, Harry started his professional career as a football player at the same team he is leading today, the team that has the potential to make him the best scorer in the entire English football. In this article, we are going to analyze Harry Kane closely, check his greatest achievements and list the main reasons why he has the potential of breaking all record held by English football players.


Early Steps in Pro Football

Youth Career

Harry Kane set his foot on a professional football field playing for Ridgeway Rovers in between 1999 and 2001. His remarkable physical abilities and the split-second decision making he showed since then, made Kane one of the best in the youth team of Ridgeway Rovers. He was so good that he made the move to Arsenal’s youth team for one year but returned to his first team for two more years until 2004 when he tested the waters with Watford, until finally finding the team that will become his family and the perfect environment for his ascension towards the highest peaks of success.

 But things weren’t easy at Tottenham either since he already tried once but was refused after a trial that didn’t go so well. He finally got another chance at Tottenham after the youth team played against Watford, where Kane was playing at the time. His performance during that game was so good that they agreed for another trial and this time it was successful.

Too Chubby for Arsenal

 If you’re wondering why is Arsenal on the list and how come he didn’t get to Arsenal’s first team and break all the records there, he was released from there after just one season because Liam Brady, the person in charge of the academy at that point, said he was not very athletic and a bit chubby for what they needed. Arsene Wenger himself said that he is extremely disappointed that Arsenal chose to release Kane. And who wouldn’t be disappointed? You had what could be the best football player in England in your back yard and you let him go.


 At Tottenham Hotspur, Harry quickly passed through the ranks to be promoted at the senior team in 2009 when he was just 16 years old. However, just because he made the senior team it didn’t mean Harry had a place in it yet. As some of you may now, young players often need to prove that they can deliver the kind of performance needed in Premier League and are often loaned to smaller teams. This happened with Harry Kane as well as he spent one year at Leyton Orient, another one with Millwall, then Norwich City and finally Leicester City in 2013. There are many football analysts that claim Harry was the young spirit and the spark in forming the amazing Leicester team that got back into the Premier League, only to win the competition in the 2015 - 2016 season.

 Starting with 2014, Harry Kane returned to Tottenham as the refined player we all enjoy watching in present days and ever since he started to look like one of the best football players England has seen in a very long period of time.

 Besides Kane, all Kenyan football fans have one more reason to keep their eyes on Tottenham Hotspurs. And that reason is Victor Wanyama, the midfielder that made his way towards Tottenham’s first team and he is getting plenty of matches in big matches right there behind Harry Kane. Even more than that, he has a couple of assists to his name, goals scored by none other by Kane.

Achievements with Tottenham

Kane’s involvement in Tottenham’s first team did not only happen because of the good matches he had out on loans, but the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino as the head coach was also a decisive move. There are many voices that Pochettino only accepted the job if Kane was recalled at the first team. And no matter if this rumour is true or not, it still shows how inspired the coach of Tottenham was because in his first full season with the Spurs, Harry scored 31 goals in all competitions and finished as the league’s second highest goalscorer. The same year, he grabbed the Premier Football Association Young Player of the Year award, the first of many incredible achievements he will get with this team.

 In his second full season at Tottenham, Harry got the title of top goalscorer in Premier League and he took his team to UEFA Champions League, where they qualify regularly since then. It was top goalscorer trophy after another for Harry in the Premier League and the previous season was the best one yet. With 41 goals scored in 48 matches in all competitions, Kane was not just the top goalscorer for three years in a row, but he holds the record for the most Premier League Player of the Month trophies. It’s true that he is tied with Steven Gerrard when it comes to these awards, no less than six of them.

Of course, such a remarkable player couldn’t stop winning matches and getting trophies from left and right. Kane was selected in the PFA Team of the Year four times already and he is Tottenham’s fourth all-time goalscorers in official competitions. Another impressive record he owns, an excellent strike-rate of 0.70 goals per game, the best in the entire Premier League history.

 Perhaps the most recent remarkable achievement comes from outside the Premier League. In a clash between Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals, Tottenham has qualified in the Semi-Finals stage of the competition where they will meet Ajax. And, even though, Harry didn’t manage to score a goal in the previous clash, he is the one to bring his team so far in the competition and it would be a first for Tottenham to reach the semi-finals.

Kane with England’s International Team

Youth International Career

Right after he worked his way up to Tottenham’s senior team, Harry was called to play for England as well. He started playing for England under-17 football team in the Algarve Tournament in Portugal and made a good impression. Unfortunately, he missed the European Championship for under-17 teams in 2010 due to illness and it is something he still remembers every day. England went on and won that tournament, which could have been his first international football trophy.

 The next step came and Harry moved on to the under-19 team where he scored his first goals in a 6 - 1 win against Albania in October 2010 and he played an important role in England reaching the semi-finals at the 2012 UEFA European Championship in Estonia. He scored the winning goal in a very tough match against France, the goal that got England their tickets for the knockout stage. In total, he has made 14 appearances for England under-19 and scored 6 goals.

 Since he was already showing a remarkable form, Kane moved on to the under-20 where he represented England at the 2013 FIFA U-29 World Cup and scored his first goal against Chile with a superb shot from the edge of the box. Later in 2013, he made his debut for the under-21s in a match against Scotland. Harry joined that match as a substitute and came on the pitch in the 58th minute to secure a 6-0 victory.

His first hat-trick came in a match against San Marino at the 2015 UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualifiers and Harry continued to score prolifically. The brace against France got him to the 13-goals point in the 12 matches he played for the under-21 England international football team.

Ireland vs England for Kane

Not many people know this, however, Kane was eligible to play for the senior national football team of Ireland since his father was born in Calway. However, he quickly settled the situation by declaring he will not switch allegiance because it was his aim to get in England’s senior team and achieve greatness there. He declared that “ To go out at Wembley and score is what you dream about as a kid.” It was then clear to anyone that Harry wouldn’t give up on his childhood dream to make 90,000 fans on Wembley jump from their seat.

Kane with England’s Senior National Team

The opportunity to make his childhood dream a reality didn’t come much later for Harry since after a good run at Tottenham, finishing the season as the third top goalscorer in the Premier League, he was called up by Roy Hodgson for the match against Lithuania. The match was part of the 2016 UEFA Euro qualifying campaign and later on, he played against Italy in a friendly. But even though he played with the big team, he didn’t have the chance of playing on Wembley just yet. The Wembley debut came after substituting Wayne Rooney in the second half of a match against Lithuania. And what a debut that was! Harry scored just 80 seconds after he was introduced on the field, with a superb header following an excellent cross from Raheem Sterling.

At the 2016 UEFA European Championship Kane couldn’t do much to help his team because England’s midfield was being reconstructed and that saw them out in the round of 16 by Iceland. That was an experience that England wanted to forget as quickly as possible and Kane was especially affected because he wanted to do more for his national team.

2018 FIFA World Cup

The opportunity to help England get back to their formal glory in international football came for Harry in 2018, at the World Cup tournament held in Russia. He was the captain of a 23-players team that had a lot to prove. And that’s exactly what Harry did, scoring both goals for England in their 2 - 1 win against Tunisia in their first match at the World Cup. In the following group game, Harry improved on his first performance with a hat-trick in their win against Panama. 6 - 1 was the final score and even though the opponent was not a tough one, it acted as a massive boost of confidence for them. The three goals also brought him the distinction of being the third England player to score a hat-trick at the World Cup.

After England qualified for the knock-out phase of the competition, Kane scored his sixth goal of the tournament against Colombia and even though they were defeated by Belgium in the third-place match, England looked like a team that is always ready to win an European or World tournament. Harry Kane didn’t score another goal until the end of the championship, however, the six goals were more than enough for him to be the top goalscorer of the entire competition. He received the Golden Boot and became the second football player in England’s history to receive this prize after Gary Lineker in 1986.

Will He Be Able to Become England’s Top Goalscorer?

Harry already has 22 goals for England in the 37 matches he played for the national team so far. And there’s no doubt that he is already thinking about grabbing the number one position and further improve his overall ratings. Doing so won’t be easy at all, especially considering he will have to go against some legendary names like Wayne Rooney, Gary Lineker or Bobby Charlton.

When you look at the 53 goals that Rooney scored for England, it does look like a steep journey for Harry Kane that still needs 31 goals just to be tied with Wayne. However, let’s not forget that he is only 25 and already has 22 under his name. And with the new implementation of the UEFA Nations League, there are even more games for Harry to show his remarkable skills and score many goals to please the fans.

Another argument for Harry to become England’s top goalscorer comes from the fact that the team, in general, is looking better than ever with strong matches and an exciting performance from one match to another. The fourth place they took at the 2018 World Cup in Russia is merely a statement of intention from England that will surely resume their fight for the top three football teams in Europe as well as in the world.

Also, Harry shows no signs of stopping as he is as goal-hungry as ever. It’s true that the start of this season wasn’t as hasty as the previous three, however, he is up there with 17 goals scored in Premier League already, only two goals short of Sergio Aguero. So, all the data is there for Harry to step up and challenge the best football players England has ever seen for his place in history and the title of England’s best goalscorer.

Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Kane

At the beginning of this article, we presented the funny story of Kane being rejected by Arsenal for being too chubby. Well, if you thought that’s the least funny or weird moment in the career of this monumental player, you’re wrong. If you look closely, you’ll see that there are a lot of curious things about him and his performances and some of them just need to be mentioned. So, stick with us as we list the most unusual things we bet you didn't know about Harry.

He Has Unusual World Cups

We’ve already presented his performance at the 2018 World Cup where he won the Golden Boot trophy with 6 goals. There’s nothing curious or funny there, however, if you look at the number of shots Harry had the entire tournament, you’ll see the same number, six. So, to make it even more unbelievable, Harry Kane managed to score every time he shot towards the goal. And that’s even more impressive as there were players at the World Cup with three-times more attempts on target but no goals to show for.

Harry Kane can work in the opposite direction as well. At the European championship that the whole of England is trying to forget, when they were defeated by Iceland in the round of 16, he had no less than 13 shots on target and didn’t manage to get one goal.

He’s In Love with Sport

Most football players are all about the sport they’re practising and they either don’t have enough time or interest to watch other sports as well. Harry is different when it comes to sports and some may even say that he’s mad about sports. He enjoys watching and playing golf, he loves cricket and a huge fan of American football. He even named one of his dogs after one of his favourite quarterbacks, Tom Brady.

He’s Engaged with his Childhood Sweetheart

Harry Kane is currently engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Katie Goodland. The two went to the same school and it wasn’t long until they became a couple. What’s even more impressive is that they remained together after all these years, through his ascension as one of England’s most valuable football players. They have two children and it looks like the family compartment is secured for Harry. Also, even though being a top-level football player is demanding and he’s staying in a home right next to the stadium during the week, in the weekend he dedicates all his time to his family. Except for the 90 minutes he’s on the pitch, of course.

He Went to the Same School as Beckham

Harry went to Chingford Foundation School in North London, the same high school as former England star David Beckham. Kane showed his football talent from an early age for Chingford but he wasn’t good only on the football field . “Harry was clever, articulate and very humble,” said his English teacher Denis McElligott, who also managed one of the school football teams in which Kane starred. “If we were struggling during a game, the tactic would be ‘just give it to Harry’, and he would smash one in from the corner flag.”

Beckham has a few other things in common with Harry. Both men went on to be the captains of the English national team and have also appeared in several ads for men’s fragrances. However, Beckham got engaged to pop star Posh Spice whilst Kane is engaged to his high school sweetheart Katie Goodland. Furthermore, he’s never been tempted to get a tattoo because “my dad always told me I would regret it when I was older”.

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