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Benefits of using electric bikes over fuel-powered boda bodas

On June 26, Watu, an asset financing company in partnership with ARC Ride, a provider of electric bikes, organized an activation event to showcase the benefits of their bikes to boda boda operators and the environment

ARC Ride's electric bikes

In the quest for a greener and more sustainable future, electric bikes are emerging as a promising alternative to traditional fuel-powered bikes.

To cater to this growing demand and address the rising fuel costs, e-bike provider ARC Ride recently held an activation for their brand, Zoom bikes. The event showcased the many benefits of electric bikes and their potential to transform the boda boda industry in Kenya.

Jeremy Kimbu, ARC Ride's Ecosystem Manager, highlighted the environmentally friendly nature of electric bikes and their positive impact on people's lives.

"We want to reduce some of the harmful effects caused by internal combustion engine bikes, such as noise pollution and exhaust emissions," he told this writer.


Unlike fuel-powered bikes that generate engine noise, electric bikes run silently, contributing to a more peaceful and harmonious urban environment. This not only benefits riders but also pedestrians, creating a more pleasant and enjoyable commuting experience.

In addition to their environmental benefits, electric bikes offer a significant economic advantage for boda boda operators.

Kimbu emphasized their cost-effectiveness, stating, "We want to make the people using these bikes more money because, on a day-to-day basis, the electric bike is cheaper by about 30 to 40 percent."

The reduced operational costs of electric bikes, including lower fuel expenses and minimal maintenance requirements, enable boda boda operators to increase their earnings while simultaneously contributing to a cleaner environment.


The electric bikes offered by ARC Ride are equipped with rechargeable batteries, providing a convenient and flexible solution for riders. The company has established 50 battery swapping stations across Nairobi, allowing users to easily exchange their depleted batteries for fully charged ones at any time of the day.

The cost of acquiring an e-bike through ARC Ride's Zoom bikes is also designed to be accessible. With a price tag of Sh180,000, individuals have the option to purchase the bikes on hire purchase with a minimum deposit as low as Sh15,000.

This financing model, supported by asset financing company Watu, further facilitates the adoption of electric bikes among boda boda operators, ensuring that the transition to cleaner and more cost-effective transportation is attainable for a broader audience.


Watu’s financing options play a pivotal role in driving the adoption of these innovative vehicles. The availability of financing for the Zoom and Corbett electric bikes brings numerous advantages that will significantly contribute to their widespread uptake.

This approach tackles the financial barriers that may otherwise hinder riders from embracing the benefits of electric mobility. Financing empowers riders to capitalise on these cost advantages, channelling their resources towards other essential needs or investments.



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