6 times controversial Gospel singer Ringtone has pulled stunts for attention

A serial attention seeker?

6 Times controversial Gospel singer Ringtone has pulled stunts for attention

Gospel singer Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone is not a stranger when it comes to controversy.

The singer who seems to have hunger for media attention has not once but multiple times pulled little stunts just to make headlines in the blogs.

Some of the stunts the 'Pamela' singer has pulled as he seeks clout is confessing to have fallen in love with women in troubled relationships, claiming to hold high positions in the Gospel industry and faking warning letters which he claimed have been sent to him among other outlandish claims.

Here are six of his most recent stunts that have made him the talk of the town;

1.    Love for Zari

Sometime last year, Ringtone publicly confessed his love for South Africa-based Ugandan socialite and business woman Zari Hassan. This was after her breakup with her then boyfriend singer Diamond Platnumz. Ringtone claimed that he was the right man for her and he would lead her to God.

During Zari’s visit to Kenya, the singer claimed to have bought her a brand new Range Rover which he wanted to 'bless' the mother of five with, but Zari declined the gift saying that she had her own Range Rover. She also said that they had never been in contact and she didn’t know Ringtone.

2.    Pretending to be a priest

Ringtone claimed to have become a priest and went ahead to share several pictures in a clerical garment. He insisted that he had officially become a priest but it turned out that he was only shooting a music video.

3.    Bahati and Mr. Seed fallout

Ringtone hit the headlines again for revealing the real reason Bahati’s EMB signed artiste Mr. Seed quit the record label. Ringtone claimed to be a good friend to Seed and that he could not let Bahati to continue doing the bad things he was doing to people by keeping quiet.

After his confession gained traction on social media, Ringtone hopped from one radio station to another sharing the story with anyone who cared to listen.

4.    DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid saga

The singer once again hopped on to a scandal when fellow Gospel singers DK and Hope Kid were involved in a threesome scandal that saw a 20 year-old girl get infected with HPV. He was the first one to break the news of DK Kwenye Beat getting hospitalized after the heat around their scandal became too much.

In Ringtones own words, DK had collapsed from the pressure and was rushed to hospital.

5.    Imposing himself as the chairman of Gospel artistes in Kenya

While Ringtone was riding on the fallout between Bahati and Mr. Seed and the DK and Hope Kid saga, he attended various media interviews claiming to be the Chairman of Gospel singers in the country.

He claimed that he broke the news in both instances courtesy of being the chairman of Gospel artistes, but when he was asked who appointed him to the position, Ringtone said that he assumed the position because it has no one.

6.    Karen Residents Association

The last one of his stunts and possibly the funniest, Ringtone was on the spot over a fake letter he shared on Instagram which he claimed to have come from the Karen Residents Association.

According to the letter, legal action would be taken against him for keeping 40 cows at his residential home in Karen.

However, a spot check done by Pulselive.co.ke established that the letter was fake, as the body that represents Karen Residents is known as the Karen Lang’ata District Association (KLDA), and not Karen Residents Association.

In 2016, Ringtone was on the spot again for claiming his Karen home was a place where he reared his chicken.

The Pamela hit maker has been profiled as an attention seeker in his attempt to remain relevant.


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