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Akothee lauded by fans for this special message to Kenyan parents

Please! Listen to Akothee for a minute

Akothee with her kids

Self-proclaimed President of single mothers Akothee has been lauded by a section of her 1.4 million followers, after strongly advising parents to keep on motivating and nurturing their children's talents.

Madam Boss pointed out that it’s very important, for parents to help their kids actualize their dreams and passion without looking at what the society thinks about certain careers.

Lets support our children


“We have to find away as parents to motivate and support our children in any identified talent! Don't let your children lose their dreams and passion because of stigma & the old blocked brains, I have never set my eyes on such beauties show casing the exergorated features, I took my time to follow miss universe simply because my daughter was involved . trust me, I stayed awake the whole night ,following from bikini to the gown !, , oooh my, maybe because I love walking naked ! But hey, All I saw was pure talent, pure confident, pure beauty, especially when they cat walked in bikinis, they killed me dead alive, a few days before the show, I took my time with my daughter, asked her if she needed anything, I talked to her and motivated her, every time on wassap, called her to reassure her that I got her back. I asked if she needed a limousine or a special ride, she said "No mom, I just need entrance fee for a few of my friends to come with me for moral support, it's a low profile" reads part of Akothee’s post.

She noted that, modelling is one of the most frustrating industries, and parents with kids interested in pursuing that line, should be ready to provide a support system that will motivate and keep them going.

“ I would love to meet the mothers of these beautiful girls and know what vision they have for their daughters , support your child so she can have the power to come all out, let me thank all the companies/ hotels who have come on board to appreciate girlchild . Modeling industry is one of the most frustrating industries ever, it's not a joke, people will take advantage of you ! From photographers to agencies thinking they are doing you favours #womenempowerment shared Akothee.

Reactions from Fans


Her message was lauded by a number of followers who had this to say:

5002.margaret “Woman,may God bless you..... Your are a wonderful mum”

milcahdee “My wonderful woman @akotheekenya you always inspire me”

opollonellie@akotheekenya most Kenyan parents do not support talent. Most especially modelling. I guess they believe in only education which is a cliché. Create an awareness across the country about appreciating and supporting talent. is among the lucky few to have family supporting them. Models, especially girls have a hard time in this industry due to 'hyenas' there in the name of agents, photographers etc. Uninformed girls or those who do not understand their worth get trapped. @akotheekenya change the modelling industry in Kenya. Put it back to the right standards


ascah_june @akotheekenya That's the spirit of a Mother...Parents should see modelling as a great talent and our Country too should Value Models”

ellen_design_Proud of these girls, I love it when I see the girl child grow up with such confidence. you have a golden heart”

blackshe_wolf “You’re such a special woman Akothee. I love how you’ve supported all the other girls as well. All the ladies did very well. They are all winners!" has such high fashion model features. She should be the next @shanellenyasiase one if the most booked high fashion models from Kenya. Push her towards that. She has all it takes”

donnakadambian apple doesn't fall far from the tree, like mother like daughter..The sky is the limit..Go your star keep shining..@akotheekenya your are good parent..Bless you”


juneespaniolah “Now that makes sense. Parents its about time now,you do your thing”

pauljohns892 “Well said madam boss. Let the fire continue burning and may the beautiful ladies continue presenting us”

nzau_irene “You parenting tactics are goals. Motherhood does not come with manual anyways and you are here cracking it like a pro. Blessings your way ma”


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