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Annitah Raey discloses events that led her to being a street urchin

I lived in the streets of Nairobi-Radio Jambo presenter

The fierce journalist who is known for her blunt nature narrated to Word Is how she left her home at the age of 13 and went to the streets of Nairobi owing to her mother’s despotic nature.

Street life

While in the streets she hanged around bad company and the friends treated and saw her as a baby. They made her carry drugs for them.


One day while with one of her ‘friends’ she recounts being hit from the back and then raped.

“Then one day I was coming in with one of them, so we are at Moi Avenue, then someone hit me from the back, nkafikiri ni mwizi and I was like, anataka nini. I fell down and became unconscious. I did not have money but anyway I had drugs with me. They dragged us towards Jevanjee. They were two guys and both were from my tribe, I understood all what they were planning for me. So they raped me and that was the worst thing in my life.”

Toughest moments

Earlier she disclosed that she was sexually harassed at 15, got a son at 19 and she was divorced at 21 years. Annitah said she never thought she would live to see another day.


“I have tried suicide five times. I have been so broken I never thought I would see another day. But look at me. Look at me and understand that when God wants to use you to glorify himself then he will do exactly that. I am a loving testimony that when God Says Yes. Nobody can say no. So before you pass judgment walk a mile in my shoe.”

The radio Jambo presenter has always been open to share her life hurdles including the challenges she has gone through as a single mother. The radio host mentioned she has been humiliated in family events and been cautioned from talking or hugging people’s boyfriends.


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