You don't see the pain I’m going through – Bahati to Diana Marua

This comes after they disclosed why they broke up!

Bahati to Diana Marua:You don't see the pain I’m going through

He went ahead to say that he was only trying to correct his past life and his wife Diana knew the home he had come from and that being Bahati was not an easy thing.

“Kuongea Kwako Kuna Maana Huoni Uchungu Napitia, Naikimbia Shida Nilikotoka Nyumbani Unapajua  is Hard!!!” read Bahati’s post.

Family attention

She accused Bahati of not giving her the attention she needed and he was always busy with work, something that made her feel like her life had stopped and nothing constructive was happening after she gave birth to their daughter Heaven.

“Things happened in our relationship, the situation is that we are not together, tulikosana, me I packed my staff, ni like three weeks ago, Baha is never home, hata akikam mapema ananiambia vile amechoka, vile inafaa alale mapema kesho anaenda meeting, anashika mtoi like for two minutes, amemaliza anakula anaenda Kulala, me na feel niko drained. Tangu nipate mtoi nafeel life yangu imestop. ” said Diana Marua.


After Diana Marua left Bahati also left their home and went to stay at a Nairobi hotel the whole time, but they later on reconciled and they now live together again.


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