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Butita's project inspired by Jacque Maribe & Jowie Irungu in the Monica Kimani case

I have been working on great script inspired by Jacque and Jowie's case. Finally the judgement is out, now let us tell the story - Eddie Butita

Eddie Butita

Talented Kenyan comedian and creative director Eddie Butita is working on a new project inspired by businesswoman Monica Kimani's murder case.

Hailing the script as great, Butita shared that the piece draws inspiration from the long and winding case that saw Joseph Jowie Irungu and former TV star Jacque Maribe arraigned in court.

With the verdict out, Butita took to X on Friday, February 9, 2024 noting that it is now time to tell the story.

"I have been working on great script inspired by Jacque and Jowie's case. Finally the judgement is out, now let us tell the story. Script mode activated," Butita wrote.


Monica was murdered at her Kilimani apartment on September 19, 2018 shortly after she jetted into the country.

Investigations would result in the arrest of Jowie with detectives combing through Maribe’s apartment and arresting the TV star who broke news on Monica Kimani’s death on Citizen TV where she was working at the time.

After dragging in court for five years, the Monica Kimani murder fiasco was finally settled on Friday, February 9, 2024 with High Court Jusddge, Lady Justice Grace Nzioka finding Joseph Jowie Irungu guilty of the murder.


Jowie’s co-accused, former TV star Jacque Maribe was however acquitted.

The judge stated that the count of murder was not the proper charge that the prosecution should have preferred against Maribe, adding that the prosecution not only failed to place her at the scene of crime but also failed to link her to the murder.

“It is the finding of this court that the first accused person (Joseph Irungu) murdered Monica Kimani. I find the first accused person guilty as charged,” the judge ruled.

Monica Kimani's family reacts to ruling


Monica Kimani’s family welcomed the ruling, noting that it has been a long wait for justice for the deceased who was murdered in cold blood shortly after jetting into the country.

“We’re relieved as a family that at least we’re coming to the final part of this long journey, because it has been a bit overwhelming, as a family we have gone through a lot,” Monica's brother George Kimani told Citizen TV in an interview shortly after the ruling.

“We have waited for this judgment for long because it has been postponed over three times, so I was happy that we had to settle it today.” He added.

Jowie's lawyer reveals his next plan


Jowie’s sentencing is set for March 8, 2024 with his lawyer Hassan Nandwa confirming that his client will appeal the High Court's judgement that found him guilty of murder.

“This unfortunate decision, as much as we disagree with the learned judge, there is a way out; we will appeal and we’re hopeful that our appeal will be allowed when it comes. Otherwise, we respect the judge and her decision, and therefore we will head to the Court of Appeal when the time comes after the sentencing,” Nandwa said.

The judge directed that Jowie be remanded until his sentencing.


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