Diana Marua opens up on dating multiple men for money before she met Bahati

I used to date guys for money because I lacked my whole life – Diana Marua

Diana Marua opens up on dating multiple men for money before she met Bahati

Diana Marua, wife to singer Kevin Bahati has for the first time disclosed that she used to date multiple men for money, before meeting the singer.

The mother of three said she did that because she lacked in all of her childhood life, and all she wanted was to live a good life.

This led her into dating different men, who all paid for different things in her life, including; shopping, rent, another bought her clothes, as well as other things.

My life has not been rosy and I’ve done some things that I’m not proud of to say but it was my life, it’s in the past. I used to date guys for money at some point in my life because I lacked the whole of my life to a point where all I wanted was a good life. All I wanted was to live well. I dated someone who used to pay my rent, nilikuwa na mtu wa kunifanyia shopping ya nyumba, nilikuwa na mtu wa kuninunulia nguo, nilikuwa na mtu wa kunipeleka out. Let me tell you, in my early 20s, money for me was never a problem,” narrated Diana Marua.

She went on to reveal that at one point she even dated a married man, whom she really liked, but the man outrightly told her that he could not ditch his wife for Diana.

Ms Marua said that the man who also liked her said that if she wanted to settle down with him, he could buy her a car and a house all under her name, but they would only have one kid, and not 3 as she wanted.

The mother of three said she was okay with the arrangement but the rules that came with that kind of arrangement is what she could not stomach, because it felt like the wife was being treated better than she was.

She was also not allowed to call the married man on weekends, during his kids' birthdays or on the wife’s birthday.

At some point I was even a side chic to a married guy and let me tell you I liked that guy sana and I remember at some point aliniambia Dee I will not lie to you that I’m going to leave my wife for you, but if you want this to work and you want us to settle down, all I can promise you is that I’m going to get you a car, and a house all under your name and akaniuliza unataka kuwa na Watoto wangapi akaniambia I cant give you three kids, I can give you one and I was okay,” said Diana.

Diana Marua said that even when she met Bahati, she wasn’t working but drove different cars every time they met, and she would lie to him that she ran a car hire business. The cars belonged to one of her boyfriends who ran a car hire business.


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