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Nick Odhiambo addresses explicit texts which resurfaced a day after his wedding

Nick Odhiambo: Mumesema mwanaume hawezi kaa happily married for more than 24hrs?

Hot 96 presenter Nick Odhiambo

Hot 96 presenter Nick Odhiambo has addressed social media reports about a screenshot of a past text conversation that has resurfaced.

Odhiambo, who tied the knot over the weekend, said that the screenshot was from an old group conversation that was intended as a joke.

He added that the photo that has been making rounds on social media has caused many Kenyans to call him.

"Mumesema mwanaume hawezi kaa happily married for more than 24hrs? Who hurt you.. That trending pic is from 10 years ago. And a cropped screenshot. I was wondering why people are calling my No. and hanging up all day today," he said on Monday.


A few years ago, the text conversation in the viral screenshot was debunked to be a hoax.

The claims that Nick Odhiambo, a presenter on Classic 105 FM at the time, caught his partner cheating on him were declared false.

Nick's reaction to a photo sent on the group chat by a certain 'Byron' had led many to believe the hoax.


After Byron posted the explicit photo, Odhiambo asked “Byron where did you get this pic… that’s my wife.”

However, subsequent texts in the conversation clarified the situation.

While Odhiambo initially reacted with shock, he later revealed that he didn't recognize the woman in the picture, indicating it was all a joke.


Furthermore, the woman in the image bore no resemblance to Odhiambo's wife, further discrediting the rumor.

Despite this clarification, Kenyans on Twitter took the opportunity to ridicule the radio host, resurfacing past controversies and creating memes.


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