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Pastor Ng'ang'a blasts congregant for making request after tithing Sh500

Pastor Ng'ang'a emphasized that Sh500 couldn't even fuel a car.

Pastor James Ng'ang'a

Pastor James Ng'ang'a found himself trending after a video surfaced of him chastising a congregant who had made a plea to him after contributing a tithe of only Sh500.

In the video, Ng'ang'a appeared visibly upset as he addressed the situation, expressing frustration that a congregant had asked him to remember their family in prayers despite offering a tithe of only Sh500.

"Na mwingine jana alinipatia mia tano akaniambia nikumbuke watoto wake, Nikumbuke wajukuu wake, mia tano?" Ng'ang'a inquired.


Ng'ang'a questioned how he could fulfill such a request when someone had only tithed Sh500. He went on to emphasize that even a car cannot be fueled with such a small amount of money.

He further questioned the kind of services one could expect from a contribution of Sh500, boldly suggesting that the person should seek out magicians in Nairobi who might accept such offerings.

He clarified that his church does not provide such services and instead focuses on teaching the Word, allowing individuals to make their own choices about their faith.


brayan malik There's a lady in the bible who gave Jesus three cents and Jesus said she gave the most as it came from her heart. am Muslim and I know this.

ChebetPinky_official What amazes is that even after this, kuna makondoo wataenda hio next Sunday kumsikiza.

Jossy Seeing this on Sunday morning and thankfu to God I can stay home and pray for myself and not depend on human beings halafu Mia tano yangu Nala nyama.

Alawi Gaddafi So he's a business man ndio maana analia na economy juu haoni tithes🤣


wendykelly969 Jesus Christ have mercy on us mm ua najiombea siendangi church.

Noah Gonah I was preparing to go to church, then boom,,niko na 200😁na uku twaambia 500 haitoshi😂😂😂aki nmerudi kwa nyumba kuwatch Netflix.

Osmo He has already shown he is in business but people can't leave him because he has already brainwashed them so sad.


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