Prof. Hamo's first statement after being exposed as a Deadbeat Dad by Comedian Jemutai

Hamo's comment sparked wild reactions among his fans

Prof. Hamo

Hot96 Presenter Professor Hamo has reacted to allegations of being a deadbeat Dad labelled against him by his baby mama and fellow comedian Jemutai.

Hours after Jemutai put out an expose of Hamo neglecting his two kids, the funnyman took to his Instagram account to react with a “NO COMMENT” statement, accompanied with a photo of him feeding a cow.

“No comment” wrote Professor Hamo.

Hamo’s post sparked mixed reactions, as a section of his fans opted to call him out, asking him to take care of his family. Others decided to lecture him, telling him to man up and take responsibility of his actions.


On Friday, Churchill show comedian Jemutai revealed that fellow comedian Professor Hamo is the father of her two kids, but unfortunately he has neglected them.

Jemutai’s relationship with Hamo came to the limelight, after she asked Edgar Obare to help her sell her Facebook Account that has over 850K followers, in order to be able to provide for her kids and pay rent.

“My name is Jemutai and I am comedian and a mother of two. I am a single mother and life is becoming even harder every day. I have lots of rent arrears. I have no other choice so I am selling my Facebook account to anyone in business, it has over 850K followers…it goes for 2Bob per follower. I want to be able to start business and take care of my kids,” said Jemutai.

“Yes he is, we have two kids together…he doesn’t support his kids at all,” added Jemutai.

Jemutai went on to state that Hamo has another wife in Nakuru, whom they are in good terms with and even used to support her when she was financially stable.

The mother of two narrates that despite Hamo working at HOT96, she doesn’t get to see his money or even provide for his kids.


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