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Sheryl Gabriella gushes over viral Cute Nduthi Guy during interview

Sheryl says 'Cute Nduthi Guy' is special to her

Sheryl Gabriella

Content creator Sheryl Gabriella confirmed in an interview with Nicholas Kioko that she shares a special relationship with viral TikToker King Tizian famously known as 'Cute Nduthi Guy'.

Gabriella stated that the connection she has with Tizian surpasses what she shares with fellow content creator Iam Kabugi.

However, she clarified that she cannot confirm if they are dating as they have not reached that stage in their relationship yet.


According to Gabriella, Tizian is a genuinely kind-hearted person, and he possesses the qualities that she typically seeks in a man.

She also added that she doesn't like being around mean people, especially if they are sharing the same living space.

However, she quickly changed her tone and mentioned that she is currently focusing on her flourishing career.

"If you have never noticed, ladies are usually distracted by love. We usually put all our focus on love when dating and that is why I'm focusing on my career at the moment," Gabriella said.


Despite Gabriella sharing a special bond with Tizian, she maintained that they might consider dating in the future once she achieves her current goals and aspirations.

King Tizian was present during Gabriella's interview and he revealed that their relationship was strained in the beginning before they managed to resolve their differences and streamline their connection.

According to Tizian, he encountered Gabriella in Nakuru during an Amapiano event, but she snubbed him despite the fact that they knew each other.


They, however, had a phone conversation and decided to meet the following day. It was during this meeting that Tizian realized Gabriella's vibrant personality and they instantly clicked while talking.

Gabriella clarified that she didn't intentionally snub him at the event. She explained that she couldn't leave her friends to spend time with him and acknowledged that Tizian had his own company to enjoy as well.

The rest is history, as the two have already collaborated on creating content together.

Tizian openly expressed his appreciation for Gabriella, emphasizing that he values her greatly due to her kind and compassionate nature.


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