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Why rugby star Dennis Ombachi is trending again

We know your type ntaku engage once because kamande ina ungua - Ombachi.

Rugby Star Dennis Ombachi, his wife and son

Being in the limelight comes with a lot of pressure; from people having high expectations of you to everyone meddling in your life because you are a public figure. Netizens always feel entitled to a certain fraction of your life.

On that note, Kenya Rugby Sevens Player Dennis Ombachi is yet again a trending a topic on Twitter following his ‘hard tackles’ at each and every one who tries to attack him on the platform.

On Tuesday, a user singled out Ombachi, questioning why he is always in the Kitchen cooking for his son, instead of employing a nanny to help him with the house chores.

“Kwani @ombachi13 hana bibi ama he's just too mean to employ a house help? Why is he doing all those women chores?” asked the user.


Ombachi responded with an explanation, pointing out that cooking for his family is not an indication that he doesn’t have a nanny.

He added that the Twitter user was seeking attention using his name with the aim of gaining a few followers.

“I pay my help more than what you send your mother every month, sit at the corner with your daddy issues, najua ni clout una chase na followers kadhaa. We know your type ntaku engage once because kamande ina ungua,” replied Ombachi.

He also noted: “Btw I am looking for a second nanny for my 2nd baby, any recommendations will be appreciated. Must have worked with toddlers before and we pay well above the government minimum requirement."


Ombachi has proved he is no pushover when it comes to dealing with social media trolls, his responses became an instant topic of discussion.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) joined Tuesday's conversation with mixed reactions over Ombachi’s activities in the kitchen.


Activist Boniface Mwangi, said that it’s not a crime for a man to cook for his family and bond with his son on a daily basis.

“Taking care of your child isn’t the work of the house help. It’s your job as a parent to feed your child, to bathe them and when the time comes, you teach them how to feed themselves, bathe and wipe their ass properly. It’s clear Jack, your parents failed to do that for you!” Mwangi said.

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