Details of the new trend that has taken over Nairobi

I am sure you have been seeing the trending hashtag #cheersbaba on Twitter and you have probably been wondering what it's about.

And these guys are known for using phrases like ‘Cheers Baba’, ‘You guy my guy’ or ‘In Vasha (Naivasha), I was in the moti with some mamis kunywaing a Jamey (Jameson)’.

We all probably know a guy who says something like ’"You guy my guy, we went to Vasha last weekend and we were chilling with some chilles and botiz in my moti. Then the mamiz semad at they don’t want Jame, so my guy we bought some vodo.” Or something close to that.

And the outfit below is most likely their go-to outfit:

Well, these guys have been trending over the weekend on Twitter and here are some of the funniest tweets about what these guys say and how they behave:

Winnie Njoroge‏ @winnie_shie : So this Chege Guy shot his moti, Kunywaad some vodo and went on a road trip to Narok? You guy! #Charleschege  #Cheersbaba

~Blankets n' Vodka~‏ @_nARISHa_: You guy my guy, the road to Vasha is so lit, an aspiring MP was pigwad lead so his jamas have chomad tires and caused rapsha. #cheersbaba

Muthoni Maingi‏ @NonieMG: Correction and addition. Vivo Activewear, Embody Accessories anddddd Backyard Shoes are the #CheersBaba women's starter pack.

BRIAN BOS‏ @bosobonyo Apr 14Ati she semaad she daent kunywa Jamey, let's buy her anaa boti of whatever she drinks basi #CheersBaba

BRIAN BOS‏ @bosobonyo: That chille of jana, you kumbuka her, the one we met at Kiza, she is feeling my vyb iz how. I will pita with her #CheersBaba

Gituma Nturibi‏ @gitts: "is she your chille? She's fresh" #cheersbaba

Muthoni Maingi‏ @NonieMG: A mama's #CheersBaba starter pack is not complete without a Kevo, Bryo, Jamo and Marto in their phone book


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