Gospel singer Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has for the first time opened up being raised by a violent father.

Speaking in an interview with True Love magazine, the mother of two disclosed that she was happy when her mother left her dad, who was very violent to them.

She added that her late mother was never happy with her father because she cried most of the time.

Diana Marua looking pregnant

I don’t think my mom was ever happy. I remember she used to cry a lot. The home environment was tough. My father was extremely violent. I remember one time he came home late and angry and started raining blows on my mom while she was breastfeeding my younger sister. I was happy for her when she left,” narrated Diana Marua.


Ms Marua went on to say that things got worse when the mother left because his father turned all his anger to her, and her little sisters.

According to Diana Marua, even the house helps his father hired to help them at the time never stayed.

The Marua sisters

Looking back, I think my dad was bitter. If he had problems at work, he would come home at take out his anger on us,” said Diana.

This according to Ms Marua affected her performance in school and she could go to school on most days without doing her homework, because she played mother role to her little sisters.

Her mother left when she was only six years old.