Popular Kenyan Disk Jokey, DJ Kalonje is mourning the death of his father.

Kalonje took to social media to share the sad news with his fans stating that he could not believe saying good bye to the man who brought him up, promising to take care of his mother.

In his post , The mix masters Entertainment CEO, shared a picture of his mother and father while he was still in hospital, thanking him for everything he has done.

“Dear dad, I just want to thank you for everything, you raised us on one principle, love is the answer. It’s with disbelief and sorry I say goodbye to you. May you rest well. I will take care of Mum for you. Till we meet again. Rest In Peace,” read DJ Kalonje’s post.

Loses property

This comes a few months after the celebrated DJ lost property worth millions of shillings when goons demolished his residence without any notice.

“Well... this is what has remained of the studio. Without notice we were asked to remove our property under extremely harassing and threatening circumstances. Accompanied by goons armed with pangas and heavy wrenches...shoving my dad severally destroying our property looting my machines Dj Decks, PlayStations studio equipments and stock...Kenya ina wenyewe kweli. Justice ni ya Wenye pesa??” he said.