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Kalekye Mumo opens up about the chronic disease she has been battling with

It's incurable.

However, there were those people in her comment section who were more concerned with her arms which had a few patches and some rudely asked her to cover up.

Little did they know that the patches were as a result of a chronic and incurable autoimmune disease known as Psoriasis. A condition that causes skin cells to grow at an uncontrollable rate resulting in scaly skin and patches on the skin surface which can be itchy and at times painful.

Responding to the trolls, Kalekye wrote  “WAAAAAOO KENYANS.... so now my arms have hurt your entire existence... waooo did you forget, I DON’T DO LIFE TO PLEASE YOU!!”

She then went on to add “But let me educate you... I have a skin condition which I’ve had since I was 3yrs old... it’s called psoriasis ASK @kimkardashian since she’s perfect and all... make up on arms and legs and all... I don’t have the money or time I AM WHO GOD MADE ME!! SOooo I will not cover my arms in the heat to make you smile coz guess what it’s a skin condition... the speeded growth of Skin... yours takes 28d ays to refresh mine 2-3days... which overworks my system... Lucky I’ve not messed my organs which is highly likely... yes my skin could cause me fatal diseases as it has no permanent cure and can only be controlled...its highly conditioned by a change in hormonal imbalance, stress, change in weather and anything that can prompt growth. So FORGIVE ME if I care less what you want to see or don’t... but at least before you write on my wall BE INFORMED!!”


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