Kirigo Ng’arua opens up about her struggles at Citizen TV

I was not entirely happy but hoping that the world would notice and make it easier for me - Kirigo

Many did not anticipate that Kirigo, the charming news anchor could be among the ones laid off from Citizen.

And the news was not only a shock to Kenyans but to Kirigo too who was preparing for the 1 pm bulletin only to be called in and told that she won’t be going in for the midday news.

2 years after the infamous lay-off, Kirigo has laid bare her struggles at the station which many journalists desire to work in.

The calm news anchor disclosed that though she was happy that her show was a success she really struggled with being happy at the station. Not because Citizen was a toxic environment, but because her heart was elsewhere and she didn’t feel like she was growing.

“As much as I enjoyed the show I wasn’t ‘growing’…and it showed to those who knew/know me, I mean, here I am, a girl with her Masters in International Diplomacy, a topic I so love but never got a chance to discuss it. But let me tell you what I think failed me - not leaning in and explaining my desires and frustrations. So here I was, not entirely happy but hoping that the world would notice and make it easier for me, you would think I would have resigned if I wasn’t happy but I didn’t, I was scared of the unknown,” Kirigo confessed.

But despite getting laid off, Kirigo admits that the morning show had quite an impact in her life as it enabled her to be real on television and bring her thoughts to life.

“I thoroughly enjoyed hosting the morning show. I gave birth to an idea I had in mind for so long, that of being real in every sense of that phrase on telly.…That show allowed me to bring some thoughts to life, and I am eternally grateful,” She disclosed.

As she concluded her ‘Ted Talk’ Kirigo gave out the following pieces of advice:


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