Men like real women - Otile Brown

What women don’t understand is that men like real women - Otile.

Men like real women - Otile Brown

Commenting on a photo that he took while she was unaware, Otile wrote “She sits cute. That’s my type of cute, real. Wengine wanafake kukaa hadi kicheko, what women don’t understand is that men like real women. Be yourself.”

In another post, he talks about his cooking skills and reveals that he can do his own laundry and make his own food so he will not go chasing after a woman to do it for him.

“Am not a fan of fast food btw. I can only do KFC chicken but once in a blue moon. I cook my food so be aware future wife ukijaribu zile zenu ati unatoroka sijui unaenda kwa wazazi utabaki uko hadi ujiregeshe mwenyewe sikutafti. Coz boy child niko tu sawa ntapika na nguo nitaosha na washing machine,” read his post.

Otile defends Vera

While they were dating, Vera would get trolled a lot and called ‘plastic’ for being what people consider fake as her body is surgically enhanced.

The insult was used during their trip to Mauritius with Otile Brown. When Vera said that ladies should get a man who can carry them, fans were quick to fire back by writing

Singer Otile Brown responded to Kenyans who trolled his then-girlfriend through his Insta-stories by writing “People comments and opinions though make us laugh.”


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