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Eric Musyoka blends Gengetone & Rhumba for 2D animation series 'Twende' [Trailer]

'Twende' boasts a rich tapestry of Kenyan musical genres, including Gengetone, Rhumba, and Benga.

Music Producer Eric Musyoka

Renowned music producer and industry trailblazer, Eric Musyoka, has etched his name not only in the Kenyan music scene but also in the film and TV industry, showcasing his versatile talents.

Over the years, Musyoka has collaborated with a plethora of artists, leaving an indelible mark on the Kenyan music landscape.

From working with Ukoo Flani Mau Mau, P-Unit, Kleptomaniax, Bamzigi, Wyre, Sauti Sol, to Just A Band, his influence is felt across diverse genres.

Beyond music, Musyoka has made significant contributions to some of Kenya's top films and TV shows, serving as a sound engineer and music composer for projects like 'Rafiki', 'Disconnect', 'The First Grader', 'Country Queen', and 'Second Family'.


In his latest venture, Musyoka took on the role of crafting original music for 'Twende', Showmax's inaugural 2D animation series.

The show boasts a rich tapestry of Kenyan musical genres, including Gengetone, Rhumba, and Benga.

Reflecting on the creative process behind 'Twende,' Musyoka expressed the intensity of the endeavour.

"It was very intense; we made so many versions and iterations until we settled on a direction that worked.


"Creating something unique is never easy. Since we wanted Twende to be a stellar creation, we really immersed ourselves in the world of Twende to create a compelling outcome," he stated.

Highlighting the collaborative nature of the project, Musyoka credited Brian Nadra as the lead voice, with additional vocals provided by Konkodi, himself, and a few of his friends.

The synergy among these talents resulted in a team effort that birthed the distinctive soundtrack for the animated series.

When discussing the challenges of creating music for the screen, Musyoka emphasised the importance of interpreting the director's vision.


Drawing from his extensive experience in recorded music and scoring, he noted, "I have had misses in the past, but with time, you begin to see how related all creative processes are and that your contribution - the music - is part of the sum, so I strive to fit it into the mix."

On a personal note, Musyoka shared that his children have developed a deep affection for 'Twende,' finding both entertainment and educational value in the show.


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