Pastor Kanyari linked with Illuminati blood-drinking organisation

Pastor Kinyari is in the news again...

Victor Kanyari

According to court documents obtained by the Nairobian, the house help named Mercy Nelima was ordered to work with 3 other people to ensure that the kidnapping of  the daughter to one Margaret Murunga was seamless. The four are said to belong to a to a baby theft and human sacrifice syndicate.

So Nelima decided to visit the Murunga home in Ruaraka on April 12 under the pretence of plaiting the little girl's hair. She then asked Margaret Murunga if she could leave with the little girl to deliver some goods to Margaret’s sister to which Margaret agreed since the house help was a mutual friend to Murunga and her sister.

But Nelima disappeared with the child and didn’t answer Murunga’s calls, but inside a handbag she had left behind,  a note was found which had 4 telephone numbers and instructions.

Part of the note read “Call these numbers, and get what you want, Pastor Kanyari, call and get your child (blood) tunakunywa, we belong in (Illuminati), blood taken (we take blood) (sic).

The child's mother reported the kidnapping to the authorities and Nelima was fished out of her hideout and ordered to reveal where the child was. The little girl was later  recovered from Nelima’s employer’s’ house in Juja where she had kept the 7 year old and lied to her employer that it was her child.

After these revelations and admission of guilt, Nelima was sentenced to 5 years in prison over the offence.

This story comes a few years after Pastor Kanyari was exposed on KTN for creating fake miracles using Potassium Permanganate and coaching actors to dupe his gullible followers.


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