Steve Mbogo’s defilement case comes back to haunt him

Starehe MP aspirant is now battling something from the past...

Steve Mbogo

Mbogo who had been charged with defilement in 2009 before he was exonerated had his worst nightmares come to life again. This was  after allegedly receiving calls and texts informing him of Nation’s, People Daily's, Standard’s and The Star’s decision to run the story linking him to his 2009 defilement case.

In the affidavit, Mbogo said that “If that story is allowed to run, it will cause me untold suffering and prejudice since the general voting public will get the same through the media complex network that I cannot match in correcting the impression it will have caused.”

In the petition, Mbogo seeks to stop the media houses from reporting anything on either a ‘Kibera chief magistrate criminal case’ or a ‘Nairobi High Court criminal appeal.’

“Pending the hearing and determination of this application, an order of injunction be issued restraining the four media houses either in person or through an agent from serialising, covering or in any other manner reporting the proceedings, judgment or any other aspect touching on a Kibera chief magistrate criminal case and a Nairobi High Court criminal appeal.” He appealed in the document obtained by The Star.

He believes that his political rivals are behind the story and are working together with the media to run the story.


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