Pierra Makena boldly responds to rumours of using her body to excel in career

She is a top female deejay in Kenya.

Miss Makena (Instagram)

To get a big break in a cut-throat industry like the show business, struggling talents make a lot of compromises to get their big break.

Some sleep with music producers to get a hit single, others sleep their way to the cover of a magazine while others do unsavoury things with big names in the industry. While not everybody will sleep their way to the top, some use their feminine/masculine wiles and seductiveness to climb up the ladder of success.

But Pierra is not one of those, she doesn’t make compromises with their dignity. In fact, she seemed quite offended that there were reports and misconceptions of her depending on others or using her body to succeed in her career.

“It is sad that people do not believe that a woman can make it on her own. Nobody can claim my success and fame apart from God. I put in the work and he has been gracious enough to bless the works of my hands. For me, anything that compromises my dignity is a big no. As a woman when you refuse to compromise, the same people asking you to lower your standards will always go behind your back and try to tarnish your name. They will, however not mention how they tried to hit on you and you refused their advances,” Pierra told Parents Magazine.

Security Concerns

Aside from rumours and misconceptions, Pierra also highlighted another issue that comes with being famous, security concerns.

Pierra revealed that she was forced to cover every aspect of her security when it came to performances following a frightening incident that occurred while she was interacting with fans.

DJ Pierra divulged that she had just concluded a flaming hot performance and was interacting with fans and taking selfies when a man in a large jacket approached her. He then flashed his gun from underneath his jacket and signalled her to follow him. Scared, she ran for safety to a club bouncer.

“I pretended that I had not understood him and looked away. I knew that if I acknowledged him or tried to decode his signal he would do something dangerous. I quickly made my way to the club bouncer who was nearest to me and stuck by him until I was safe. That is the day I learnt the importance of having tight security,” she told Parents Magazine during an interview.


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