The high-end school Akothee's youngest daughter attends (Photos)

The school fees can go up to 1.3 Million!

She later added that she is paying a lot of money for her children to attend some of the best schools in the country and there is no way prostitution can sustain the kind of lifestyle her kids enjoy.

“One of my children is paying 650k per term yet they are 5, how many men will I sleep with to cover this? Lost sheep! Start analyzing your life, analyzing my life yet you haven’t met me! Will make you sick, now if you come to my real life you will commit suicide coz sh@t is real, am not one of the celebrities who pose with fake things come slowly, I will blow your head.” She wrote.

Some people thought that she was bluffing about the school fees she pays for her kids but as it turns out her daughter attends one of the best schools in the country, Braeburn Mombasa.

Braeburn Mombasa is a school where parents part with Sh225,900 to Sh1,078,000 as basic school fees depending on which year you are in, Shs123, 300 to Shs112,200 on transport and Sh73,500 to Sh92,400 on Lunch.

The daughter in question is Prudence Otieno aka Fancy Makadia who recently won a Ronnie Jennings award at her school.

She broke the good news on social media with a post that read “I guess mommy taught me earlier how to get em trophies.”


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