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Terence Creative and wife Milly Chebby open up on cheating scandal (EXCLUSIVE)

Here is the truth!

Terence Creative and wife Chebby open up on cheating scandal (EXCLUSIVE)

Instagram comedian Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby have opened up on the recent cheating scandal, with 19 year-old Anita Soina.

Speaking to, Terence said that his wife is aware of everything that happened between him and Anita.

He went on to say that he has made peace with his wife and owned up to his past mistakes.


Things will always happen in life, the most important thing is to always put your wife in the loop. Mwambie this is your weakness akusaidie because if you don’t do that, you’ll keep on being blackmailed and people will do anything to bring you down. A lot of women will call waseme vitu mingi sana but it’s okay,” said Terence.

Tuko sawa mimi na bibi yangu. Tunashukuru mungu ni hali ya maisha, yatapita na Mungu atatuonekania na kila mtu asome lesson yake. This is not strange to my wife, she knows all this things. Wenye wamesema, wenye hawajasema. Anita anafaa Kujua she is not right, huyu ni bibi yangu yeye ndio aliingilia,” he added.

The two noted that they are the ones who have been receiving threats from Soina, who according Terence said she was 24 years old, when they met


According to his wife Milly, she knew about Anita Soina in June and even warned her to keep off her husband, but she kept on bothering the comedian and blackmailing him.

I knew about Anita in June and kitu inaniuma I warned her and she kept coming back. I have cried so many times alone with my baby. Anita is doing this because Terence stopped the phone calls and whatever she was doing. It has been two months since this happened, you guys think Anita has been quiet?” she said.

She also admitted to the fact that despite them not having a perfect marriage, walking out of her marriage or abusing her husband on social media as many expect is not the best thing to do.

Milly Chebby further stated that she is happy Anita Soina had gone public with the story.


People are saying nilitukana huyo dem, I would still do it on the next person who would come into my business. Stick to your lane. This chick was entitled, ananitumia emoji’s to show that she’s won. It was so painful, but again I saw this coming. I knew if she doesn’t speak, she would keep bothering Terence and blackmailing him. I’m glad she has spoken,” she said.

Terence also apologized to his fans saying that he is human and his life is not as perfect as many think it is.

I know my fans are very disappointed, but I want to tell them that I’m very sorry about that ni hali ya maisha but I just want to be that real person that makes mistakes. I don’t want to portray I’m that perfect nasikia wanasema sisi ni couple goals, haimaanishi sisi ni perfect,” he said.


Their words come hours after Soina opened up to receiving threats from Terence’s wife Milly Chebby.


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