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Corazon Kwamboka, Frankie Justgymit dating? Harmonize's AfroEast album deleted and other top stories


Corazon Kwamboka, Frankie Justgymit dating? Harmonize's AfroEast album deleted and other top stories

It’s another week that has seen rising cases of Coronavirus in Kenya and across the world. The week has been a little intense and we wait to see what will happen after Government announced further measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Despite this, #UhondoMtaani has been keeping its eye and ears open not to miss the best of the entertainment world.

So, here we go;

Is Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Justgymit dating?


Our moles have been keeping tabs on socialite Corazon Kwamboka and Fitness junkie Frankie Justgymit and from all indications, they could be the new celebrity couple in town. This comes a few months after it emerged that Frankie had parted ways with his longtime girlfriend and mother of his two sons, Maureen Waititu.

So these two have been hanging out together in what started out as a gym instructor and his client. They have been spotted in numerous locations together including going shopping and to restaurants.

Uhondo also has information that each time they are together, Frankie is the one who always drives the bootylicious socialite’s car.

On Thursday however, in an interesting turn of events, Corazona in what seems be a message confirming their affair shared a picture of them inside a house (We cannot confirm whose) which she captioned with the word “Quarantine”.


In the picture, Frankie was posing behind her ogling at her fat-butt, further throwing their followers into confusion.

Could this be a way of them saying they are dating? #UhondoMtaani lets you be the judge!

Akothee amefanya SDA wadharauliwe!!

This week, Kenyan singer and business woman Akothee was attacked by an angry fan, claiming that she had made people look down on the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church.


The fan identified as Natasha Samuel accused the mother of five after sharing a video of herself singing along to an SDA worship song, which she captioned with words affirming that she was a staunch Seventh Day Adventist.

Natasha responded to the video expressing her displeasure with Madam boss, stating that she had brought shame to the SDA church and people are now looking down upon it.

Lakini we ufanya watu wa SDA tudharauliwe😢,” she said.

Akothee who couldn’t let the fan’s words go unanswered responded to the fan saying that she was going to block her as she also asked her to open a new account and follow her (Akothee) with some respect.

@natasha.samuel na mamako ambaye alikuwa decones alikuzaa na decon tutanuambiaje?” said Akothee, adding that; “@natasha.samuel haya kula block, open another account, follow with respect 🤣😂.”


Akothee has not once but in many instances insisted that she was born and still is a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) faithful despite the fact that most of her actions go against the teachings of the doctrine.

No kids for Sean Andrew

Former President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew confessed that he doesn’t want to be a father after being questioned by fans if he had any plans of settling down any time soon.

In a Q&A session with his Instagram family, Andrew mentioned that he didn’t see himself becoming a father or settling down to have children.


“Have you ever thought of one day getting married and settling down? asked a curious fan.

Sean replied; “Yes I have thought of it, but I don’t see myself being a father, a husband maybe but I don’t want kids. Never have.”

It still remains unclear why he has decided to take this direction of life. However, Uhondo understands that different people want different things in life and wishes the young Kibaki the best.

Andrew further stated that he is currently not dating but just having consensual fun, in response to a fan who wanted to know if he was taken.

“Although I don’t date anymore, I just have consensual fun. I will make this statement; I am not in the business of dating at the moment because that’s a long-term thing and I’m in the mindset for short term things for now,” said Sean Andrew.


Harmonize’s album deleted from all streaming sites

Konde Music Worldwide CEO Harmonize this week suffered a major blow after his new album “AFROEAST” was deleted from YouTube and all other streaming platforms.

Across check done by #Uhondo confirmed that the AfroEast Album had been pulled down from streaming platforms over copyright claims, barely two weeks after launching.

A search of the album at the time gave a message that read; “Sorry this item/video is not available in your country due to copyright claims.”


Uhondo later learnt that the problem that led to the removal of the songs was because a number of tracks had been sampled from existing songs.

He later on issued a statement saying that: “Hellow My People Sory Kwa Usumbufu Ulio Jitokeza Jana...!!!! @afroeast2020 Kuto Kuwepo Katika digital platform Zote..!!!! Napozungumza Na Wewe @afroeast2020 Imesha Rudi on @applemusic x @spotify x @tidal @audiomack @boomplaymusic Na Ifikapo Saa 1:00 Basi Itakuwa Live On You Tube Pia Bless Up For Your Support #KONDEGANG4EVERYBODY we Are Taking This To the World 🌏 ⚙🎹⚙ ENJOY LINK ON BIO.”

True to his word, by 7PM, all the songs were back to the streaming sites and it’s now business as usual for the for WCB signee.

Papa Jone’s-Huddah Monroe fight continues


The online fight between rapper Khaligraph Jones and Huddah Monroe has taken a new twist after papa Jones dropped a new Corona freestyle mocking the socialite days after she said that she didn’t know any of his (Jones) songs.

In the one-minute freestyle shared on Instagram, Jones bashed Ms Monroe for partying in Dubai amid the wide spread of COVID-19.

“Mmeambiwa mkae kwa nyumba na hamtaki before Corona iwa-ex kama Unga ya Chapati. Wengi wenu ni mapunda mangale, Juu sai bado ma slayqueen kama Huddah wana party. Ulifanya mistake kunitaja, OG is a big brand not a Facebook rapper and I’m not single so siwezi kutaka, si ni juzi juzi tu ulikuwa unadate Mustafa. Self-quarantine ndo hamtaki juu sai mko bar, alcohol kwa system yangu sai ni sanitizer, Niko conscious utasema naringa but nina majugumu na familia nina linda. Wasanii wa Kenya hamnipendi Mbona ama ni sababu mi huwaosha kwa ngoma,” raps Papa Jones.

The Huddah cosmetics boss then, hit back at Papa Jones with a below the belt insult, cautioning him to refrain mentioning her name in his songs.

“Daddy Jones, Nitakudinya uachane na mimi!” replied Ms Monroe.


Ms Monroe had caused an uproar on social media after confessing that she did not know any of Khaligraph Jones songs.

"The guy apparently called me so many times and I never picked up. I rarely pick up phone calls but honestly I don’t even know any of Khaligraph’s songs but I think he’s doing well, he won an award. I swear, none of his songs to be honest. I swear to God yaani leo ndio nimeangalia page yake for the first time ever since I read that article,” Huddah said.


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