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Vera Sidika deletes controversial post after backlash from fans

Vera roasted by merciless fans

File image of Vera Sidika

Kenyan Socialite turned entrepreneur Vera Sidika deleted a controversial post from her Instagram after clashing head-on with a section of her fans who were not impressed with her post.

Angry fans invaded hher Instagram account, claiming that she would have a black baby.

A section of her fans went ahead to tell her that her black baby would not be cute because she had bleached her skin.

In response, the voluptuous beauty questioned her fans asking them if dark skin meant ugly. Vera further added that she changed her skin color because it was a personal decision that she had made and not because she was ugly.


"Does this mean Dark skin is ugly? Cause I don’t understand why everyone coming at me as if I said “we gonna make hella white babies” smh. If y’all definition of beauty relies on color and complexion then y’all modafakaz are rotten hypocrites 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 FYI; I DIDN’T CHANGE MINE COZ I WASN’T BEAUTIFUL! I GOT FAME & MONEY AS DARK SKIN MEANING I WAS HELLA FINE!!! AND POPPING!!!! I CHANGED COZ I WANTED CHANGE. PERSONAL DECISION. IF I WANTED TO CHANGE COZ IM NOT BEAUTIFUL I WOULD FIX MY NOSE EARS EYES LIPS CHEECKBONES!!!! BEAUTY IS IN THE FEATURES NOT COLOR!" Read her post.

This comes a day after the entrepreneur posted a picture of her and her boyfriend Jimmy Chansa with the caption, “We definitely gonna make one hella cute baby 🥰😝❤️”

Claims of pregnancy


Yesterday, rumors started doing rounds on social media after Vera was seen in a seemingly grown tummy in a video shared in ChitChat for Nairobi moms Facebook page.

Vera, who was taking photos of her friend when the video was taken, left many of her fans questioning whether she was expectant or not. Some left comments saying that she had grown too fat, as others noted that she was finding it hard to even walk.

In another post that threw her followers into more confusion, her boyfriend Jimmy Chansa asked who took her photo, to which she responded saying that it was the baby’s father. “@iamjimmychansa Baby father 👅💦,” said Vera.

The two have however, not publicly confirmed whether they are pregnant or not.


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