Weezdom comes clean on involvement in Mr Seed’s cheating allegations

He comes clean!!

Weezdom comes clean on involvement in Mr Seed’s cheating allegations

Kenyan Gospel singer Weezdom has decided to come clean on his involvement in Mr Seed’s cheating allegations, a few days after a conversation between Seed’s friend and the lady involved leaked.

In a message on Instagram, Weezdom said that after the story started making rounds, he reached out to Mr Seed and advised him on how to handle the situation before things got out of hand.

The singer said that he has now decided to come out with the truth because Mr Seed and his Baby Mama Nimoh were saying that he had been paid to tarnish the ‘Bless Me’ singer’s name.

Today I’m a sad guy, but I chose to relax because the anger of a man does not produce the righteousness of God (James 1:20). So leo nimekua napigiwa simu na bloggers ati Mr Seed na wife yake wanasema nalipwa niwaharibie jina and that's why I CHOSE TO COME OUT WITH THE TRUTH because I'm still a growing artist and it’s not fair for someone to go around tarnishing my name. So let me share with you the real truth. So there's a story that has been going round that Mr Seed allegedly slept with a certain lady without her consent and as a brother I approached him to tell him to know how to handle the situation before things get worse. Mr Seed accepted that he knew the lady but unfortunately he did not bother to look for her to sort the issue. He later confronted me (Lucky enough I recorded the conversation just incase things turn against me as is the case right now)” read part of Weezdom’s message.

He went on to state that Nimoh Gachuiri had been coached to say that he (Weezdom) had been paid to stain Mr Seed’s name.

Weezdom insisted that his only mistake was telling Mr Seed to sort out an issue that would affect his brand.

Leaked conversation

This comes a few days after it was alleged that Mr Seed cheated with a lady that had reached out to him for advice, on her film-making career.

In a leaked phone call conversation between Mr Seed’s signee and friend Ndume, the lady is heard saying she is worried that what happened between them (Seed and Her) was trending and people were discussing it in WhatsApp groups.

Ndume is heard telling the lady to tell anyone asking about it that it was none of their business adding that she should not be worried because people forget so fast.


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