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5 ways to take care of your workout clothes to avoid bad odours

If there is a piece of dirty clothing that stinks so much it is workout gears.

Take care of your workout clothes [instagram/nengiofficial]

The clothes we use to exercise tend to have a bad smell and most times we just toss them aside after use and even wear them again.

Workout clothes have unpleasant smells because of bacteria, salts, sebum, stains and dead skin cells that sit on these clothes.

Workout clothes are different from everyday outfits and sometimes they cost more, so you need to take extra care to clean them.

You can do this in five easy steps.


Whether you feel like you sweated the entire fat in your body that day at the gym or not, do not wear your workout clothes again.

Do not leave them in the dirty clothes baskets for weeks or the next time you remember you want to work out.

If you cannot wash them immediately then leave them out to air rather than keep them in the dirty clothes bin.


To get as much stain dirt and sweat out as possible you have to soak in white vinegar and soak for 30 minutes.

Most of the dirt and bacteria are inside your clothes and not outside.

So, if you want to wash your clothes properly, then wash them from the inside out. So it smells fresh and free from odours.


Coldwater is best for the type of material workout gears are made of. Using hot water will shrink it.

If you have a washing machine, you might be tempted to use a dryer to dry workout clothes but the best way to dry them is to spread them out in the sun.

The dryer can damage the synthetic fabric, cause it to wear and change its shape. The sun also helps to kill bacteria in clothes.

Smelling fresh is important even when going to the gym and it all starts with clean clothes.


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