Using the anti-pregnancy pills is just one of the most effective birth control methods used by women.

While the pill is trusted for its effectiveness, it does not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, the pill comes with some known side effects that every woman should know before choosing it as their preferred mode of birth control.

Here are some of the side effects of using the birth control pills:

1. Breast soreness

This is a very common side effect reported by women who use birth control pills. In some cases, the soreness is very severe such that putting on a bra becomes a problem. The high dose of estrogen contained in the pill is responsible for the enlarged breasts and the tenderness.

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2. Nausea

The birth control pills disrupt your hormones and things change. Although the nausea is only supposed to last for the first few months of using the pill, it lasts longer in some women. Before the body can fully adjust to the new progesterone and estrogen levels, you can try taking the pill after dinner or shortly before bed to reduce the nauseous feeling.

3. Headache

Most women experience a headache in the first months of using the pill. However, the headache disappears with time as the body gets used to the new changes.

4. Irregular periods

In the first few weeks of taking the pill, women may experience spotting or light bleeding. In some cases, the bleeding may be too heavy in which case one should seek medical attention. The hormonal changes may also lead to missed periods and an irregular menstrual cycle.

5. Mood changes

Just like one who is pregnant or on her periods, a woman’s mood is highly affected by the birth control pills. The pills increase the levels of estrogen in the body which in return affects the part of the brain that is in charge of our mood. In severe cases, the mood disorders lead to depression.

6. Low sex drive

Some women also experience lower sex drive when they are on the pill although things change with time. Women may also experience vaginal dryness which affects their sexual life as intercourse becomes painful.