Cute hairstyles under Ksh 1000 in Nairobi Kenya

You don't have to visit high-end salons for a good hairstyle

Keke Palmer rocking box braids (Elle)

Need your hair done but you don't have much? We have some good news for you: you can still have your hair done perfectly with less than 1000 bob in Nairobi. Yes. And we are not talking about those pathetic hairstyles you get today and you want to undo your hair the following day.

It's cute hairstyles that you can rock to work, weddings or a high end event without feeling like you are out of place. Check out some of them below:

All you need for this amazing hairstyle is braids and a good salonist. You will need between three to five long braids which amounts to around Ksh 350. Instead of going to a high end salon, ask for referrals from friends and you will get a salonist who will do cornrows for around Ksh 600.

Braids might be a common and old hairstyle but they are never out of fashion. Besides, a salonist who is talented will always give them a fresh and unique look. How much you spend on braids will depend on the size you want. Even so, with four braids, you can find someone to braid your hair for around Ksh 500 - 800.

Whether your hair is short or long, relaxing it gives you a whole new, amazing look. If you already have own relaxer, you can get a salonist d o it for as little as Ksh 300.

Get a weave for around Ksh 500 and have it done for around Ksh 300. You are good to go!

With around Ksh 500, you can have neatly done locks. If you have wax already, then you pay even less.


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