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10 struggles only girls with long hair understand

Si rahisi

Woman with long hair (Tomi's Colour Pavilion)

I know most girls, if not all love long hair. That’s why you see people running to buy those hair products that promise magical hair growth.

What most people don’t know is that even though long hair is beautiful, managing it isn’t an easy thing. Don’t believe it? Just have a look at these long hair struggles and see what women with long hair have to go through:

1. Hair in the food


Long hair is like when you have that long weave or wig. You are almost 100% sure that at some point, you will spot hair in your food. And trust you me, even if it’s your own hair, it’s still disgusting.

2. Your hair is all over

It’s on your pillow, the floor, your hoodies and on your boyfriend’s body. Someone who comes visiting might even wonder if your house is a hair salon of some sort.


3. It gets stuck

Ouch! Long hair gets stuck almost on everything including on the roof of the matatus and the zippers.

4. Wait until it tangles

What a nightmare! Now imagine how much trouble you usually have when your hair tangles yet it’s only shoulder length. You can bet that those with much longer hair go through hell while trying to detangle their hair.


5. Drying takes forever

Long hair is not the type that you can just wash and leave the house. Unless you want to make your clothes wet. Even with the blow drier, it takes so much time to dry it.

6. You take more time in the salon

If your salonist is not complaining about how much time your hair is taking to blow-dry or style, they are probably asking for more money because your hair is too long.


7. You don’t want to get on a fight with anyone

Otherwise, your own hair will be used to bring you down, literally.

8. People don’t believe it’s your real hair


Even strangers want to touch your hair to ascertain that indeed, it’s your hair. Then follows a series of questions on what you did to make it so long.

9. It constantly gets in your way

When cooking, having sex or doing laundry, long hair is always getting in your way.

10. You run out of hair products too soon


You actually prefer to buy them in bulk because your hair consumes too much shampoo and conditioner.


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